Outdoor Enthusiasts Will Love The Adventures At This Southern US State Park

Nature adventures make for incredible memories. Whether it's a camping trip with friends, swimming at the beach with family, or going on a solo hike, there's something refreshing and grounding about spending time in nature. The memories are often filled with just as much peace as thrills. Some of us prefer to immerse ourselves fully in nature and prolong our time outside with a rustic overnight stay in the woods, while others prefer to have a little bit of modern convenience waiting for them once the sun sets. Whichever style you prefer, and however you like to spend your day, you can build an itinerary that caters to you when you visit Lake Guntersville State Park in Alabama.

This state park opened in 1974 and ever since, has been welcoming visitors from near and far. You'll find 6,000 acres of forests and hills and the Tennessee River within the park. You can be one of the many people who experience its vastness and beauty. Explore its lands and create fond memories here.

The park's offerings

Of course, there's hiking and biking, which some would consider classic and maybe even the best active adventures. You can venture along the 36 miles of trails found within the park. Bring a pair of binoculars for birdwatching — the park is known for its bald eagles, which you'll likely spot soaring high above. You can also look out for species like the tufted titmice, Carolina chickadee, and more.

Animal lovers can hop on a horse and go on a trail ride. Alabama Horseback Adventures offers rides that last from one hour ($60) to a full day ($250), and if you make arrangements ahead of time, overnight. For those who are looking for a thrill, try zip lining at Screaming Eagle Aerial Adventures. You can choose between two zip line tours. The first is $69 and takes you on 10 zip lines, with the longest stretching for 400 feet. You'll be on the ropes for about two hours with this package. The second one is for those who want to feel their heart pounding. The tour lasts for about three hours and takes you through 15 different lines, with the longest one reaching 2,100 feet!

Outdoor adventures in Lake Guntersville State Park aren't limited to the land. Lake Guntersville provides plenty of fun activities for you to indulge in. Swim or rent a boat, your choices range from a single kayak to a pontoon that fits up to 10 people. You can also fish.

Lodging for every kind of camper

When it comes to where you'll rest your head at night, you can choose from a room in a luxurious resort or take on a more rustic approach and opt for a tent. There's plenty of options in between, as well. Go glamping in one of the safari-style tents that start at $129 a night or book a room at The Lodge if you want a hotel-like stay. When considering options, you can't forget about the chalets and cabins, either. If you want to bring your own RV, there are full hookup sites available.

The park is open all year long, and each season has its own unique benefits. For example, fall offers spectacular views of changing trees and seasonal festivals, and winter is an ideal time for bass fishing. Outdoor enthusiasts will want to consider the underrated adventure destination Lake Guntersville State Park. You'll find plenty of outdoor activities that'll be a blast regardless of your age. Bring the family or go on a solo trip. This park is a delight waiting for you.