Locals Of This New England State Love This Scenic And Historic State Park

If you love nature and history, then you might want to take a trip to Vermont. The breathtaking and historic state houses gorgeous mountains that offer unique beauty each season and historical sights dating back to the 18th century. Lowell Lake State Park in Londonberry perfectly combines these two features, allowing you to hike and connect with the past simultaneously when you venture there.

Lowell Lake State Park contains an American Revolutionary War-era site within its 345 acres, with Lowell Lake itself comprising 102 of those acres. Multiple Tripadvisor reviewers complimented the park, noting that locals and out-of-towners flood in on the weekends. "We went over to this hidden gem twice in one week for some kayaking and fishing," wrote one Vermont-based visitor. "What a beautiful location!" You can enjoy numerous outdoor activities on the water and the land. The locale offers the ideal opportunity to get active in nature, learn something new, and find some solitude and calm (though those searching for the latter may want to stop in on a weekday due to the crowds and limited parking).

Hiking and paddling

Lowell Lake State Park is a must-visit East Coast destination for history buffs because of its Revolutionary War-era cemetery. You can venture to it when you trek along the 3.5-mile Lowell Lake Trail, which also provides stunning views of the lake and immersion in the forest. Vermont State Parks has identified the trail as a moderate hike, so be prepared to sweat at least a little bit. Your canine companions can also visit the trail if you keep them on a leash.

The lake itself has five different islands you can explore within it. While you're welcome to kayak, paddle board, or traverse the water by boat without a motor, there's no place to rent them; you must provide your own. Bring a fishing rod with you and try catching a large-mouth bass, yellow perch, or one of the many other fish that abound in the lake. Alternatively, you could pack binoculars for birdwatching on the shore and trail.

Exploring and staying

Lowell Lake State Park officially opened in 1977 and has only expanded since then. In addition to hiking on foot, you can ride a bike or a horse along the multi-use section of Lowell Lake Trail. You have the option to lace up your boots and take advantage of this area during any season since the park stays open year-round. However, note that not all features, like restrooms, are available in the winter months. Lowell Lake State Park is still worth the trip, especially if you're looking for a budget-friendly destination in New England. It's great for everyone, whether you're a solo hiker or a family of all ages.

You'll find the park near the cozy New England town of Londonderry, Vermont, home to over 1,600 people. If you're not a local, you can stay there or in one of the other surrounding towns since you aren't allowed to camp out overnight. You'll find the highly-rated Harvest Barn Inn a little over 30 minutes away in Bellow Falls. Alternatively, you can check out the Upper Pass Lodge just 2 miles down the round from Lowell Lake State Park.