Book A Stay At This Lodge To Immerse Yourself In The Adventures Of Steve Irwin

With his abundant knowledge and fearless enthusiasm, Steve Irwin inspired people of all ages to love wildlife in Australia and all over the world. Aside from this successful shows on Animal Planet, he became the first conservationist to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2021. Since his heartbreaking death in 2006, his wife Terri, children Robert and Bindi, Bindi's husband Chandler, and longtime friends of the family have wonderfully continued his life's work. They all take part in Animal Planet's "Crikey! It's the Irwins," appear on talk shows, and help run the Australia Zoo and its wildlife hospital.

In 1991, Steve Irwin began managing the wildlife park which became the Australia Zoo. Today, it is home to thousands of animals and the Crocoseum in which the family brings out the zoo's iconic crocodiles to show off their predatory skills to fans in the stands. In 2022, the Irwin family revealed the completion of a new Australia Zoo guest experience: a lodge for overnight stays located near the Australia Zoo. 

See wildlife from your cabin at The Crocodile Hunter Lodge

The Crocodile Hunter Lodge has one, two, and three-bedroom cabins all with a view of some of Australia's most well-known animals in their natural habitats. Imagine stepping outside of your cabin and seeing kangaroos, emus, and koalas. Steve Irwin's son Robert Irwin has highlighted some of the animals who spend their days in the vast fields around the lodge on his TikTok, such as Theo the red kangaroo, Brandy the koala, and Lionel the diamond python. 

A stay at any of the cabins includes free breakfast, free entry to the Australia Zoo, and free shuttle service to the zoo. Another place to see the lodge's animals is at the infinity pool, accessible to all lodge guests. "When we built this place, we wanted to make sure that we really showcased our beautiful Australia Zoo animals in their brand new habitat. So when you take a dip in the pool, you can see kangaroos, koalas in the trees, and emus running around and sometimes when you take a lap, the emus will follow you up and back," Robert explained on TikTok.

Guests at the lodge get to visit the Australia Zoo's wildlife hospital

Steve Irwin's daughter Bindi chose the name Warrior for the Crocodile Hunter Lodge's upscale restaurant. Steve Irwin frequently used the phrase "wildlife warrior" and Bindi named her own daughter Grace Warrior in her father's honor. Warrior serves meals influenced by Australia's native people and plants for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

"Steve always wanted to give guests the experience of staying overnight and offer unique accommodation where people could appreciate our beautiful wildlife," manager and Irwin family friend Luke Reavley told Travel + Leisure. As with everything that the Irwin family does, wildlife conservation is integral. Part of the space for the animals at the lodge houses koalas who survived the devastating bushfires in 2020. According to World Wildlife Fund, around 3 billion animals died or lost their habitats during the fires. The Australia Zoo's wildlife hospital received injured animals from these fires, and each guest at the Crocodile Hunter Lodge gets behind-the-scenes access to this inspiring aspect of the zoo's conservation efforts as well.