One Of The Absolute Best Budget-Friendly Skiing Destinations Is In This Gorgeous European Country

Going on a ski trip to Europe is a dream come true for many. The majestic views of towering mountains, the snow shimmering in the sunlight on the most perfect powder day — it's a slice of paradise for ski lovers. However, given that it's such a coveted experience, it's no surprise that it can come with a hefty price tag. First, you have to figure out which country you want to ski in and which specific resort you want to go to. Then, the most daunting part, set a budget. 

Next, you have to get there — for those living in Europe, this isn't a problem, for the rest of us though, this can be a hassle. You have to consider flight and hotel prices, forecast your food expenses, and take miscellaneous costs into account on top of the lift, rental, and admissions fees at the resort. Needless to say, it adds up quickly and can burn a deep hole in your wallet. Luckily, not all ski resorts are extremely expensive, and Les Menuires in the famous Three Valleys in France is perfect for those trying to embark on an affordable ski vacation.

Prices and packages

Le Menuires has accommodation options that range from hotel rooms to chalets. They offer a family package for around $590 per person that includes seven nights in an apartment, rental equipment, six-day ski and activity passes for the whole family, passes to the wellness spa, and more. They also have a kids club and daycare available, making this a great family-friendly ski resort. 

For shorter trips, a four-hour pass with access to The Three Valleys starts at about $74 per person. They also have options for multi-day passes, regular promotions, as well as youth, military, and senior discounts. Prices do vary with the season, so make sure you check their website for the most up-to-date costs.

There are over 80 trails, meaning that no matter your skill level — expert, novice, or somewhere in between — you'll find multiple runs that suit you. If you're a skiing or snowboarding beginner and are a little bit nervous, you can sign up for a lesson. The instructors will have you comfortable on the slopes in no time.

Skiing and more

When you're not skiing or snowboarding down the snowy mountains, you can spend time in the ski village. You'll find restaurants serving hot and delicious meals, boutiques of all sorts, and opportunities to find great souvenirs. They even host local artists for concerts throughout the year so if you love live music, you're in luck.

If you want to keep moving after you put the skies away, you can try one of the many activities available at or nearby the resort. Go on a guided snowshoe hike, try your hand at winter paragliding, throw some axes, or even learn how to brew beer. Just because you're going on a ski trip doesn't mean you only have to ski, and Les Menuires proves that. Next time you're hoping to save some cash while also indulging in powder days, don't hesitate to book a stay at Les Menuires. Bring your family and friends and let the fun begin.