This Camping Hack Makes Transporting Your Gear From Car To Campsite Quick And Painless

Deciding to pack up and head out on a camping adventure is always exciting. A Utah State University report on the physical benefits of camping highlights the fact that camping is a chance to de-stress, learn new skills, and connect with nature and others. All of these are beneficial to the mind and body alike. What's less beneficial to the body is hauling camping gear from the car to your campsite without a strategy in place.

Camping can simplify life, but your packing list will likely be far from simple. Tents, chairs, tables, hammocks, firewood, and headlamps can quickly add up, making the process of moving everything both heavy and daunting. And with camping backpacks, coolers, chests, air beds, and sleeping bags all being top sellers for camping equipment in 2022, per Statista, it's clear campers are not planning to reduce their gear inventory any time soon.

Fortunately, there's a camping hack that makes transporting gear from your vehicle to your campsite easy and safe. Investing in a winter sled for pulling your camping gear is a strategic, simple, and budget-friendly route to reducing the weight of what you need to lug around. When you opt to slide your gear across rocky terrain instead of carrying it, you also reduce the risk of injuries, like ankle twists, wrist sprains, or muscle pulls, that can happen before you even start the camping fun.

A simple way to elevate the ease and fun of camping

There's no need to worry about breaking the bank on a sled or two to haul your camping supplies from your car to your campsite. Well-known outfitters, like Cabela's, sell two-person Flexible Flyer sleds for around $17 each. If you purchase one for everyone, you can further reduce trips between the car and the campsite, and make cleanup just as efficient when it's time to return home.

It's a good idea to pair your sled purchase with a set of bungee cords, for steadying larger items that might tip over as you pull everything over bumpy terrain. These are also available at Cabela's, in sets of six for around $5. They come in varying lengths, making it easy to stack up and strap down everything from coolers and firewood to bulky totes. Bungee cords also double as attachment options for securing the sleds to your vehicle's roof as you travel, so you can keep all the interior space free for camping gear.

While having a sled around for winter camping undeniably adds to the downhill fun once your gear has been transported, there are options for summer sledding within reach too. If you're willing to invest a bit more, consider purchasing an all-season sled from a retailer like Walmart. It retails for around $30 and can be used on grassy hills or sand dunes as easily as it can on snowy slopes — once you have your campsite organized.