Camping Supplies You Should Buy At IKEA, According To Users

Today, 92 million U.S. households say they're campers. It's a fantastic way to get in touch with nature while getting in some physical activity. The thought of trekking across pine-filled forests, paddling across crystal-clear lakes, and roasting s'mores over an open fire may have you dreaming of your next getaway. It's no wonder why camping is so popular, but what you pack in your car and bags can make or break your trip. 

You definitely don't want to be spontaneous with last-minute packing when planning a camping trip, as you're almost certain to forget something crucial, and there aren't usually nearby shopping options in the wilderness. Thankfully, if you've got an IKEA nearby, you can acquire lots of camping supplies in one go. This retailer is famous for its extensive inventory, and by researching user reviews, we've compiled a list of IKEA's best camping supplies. Overall, you don't need to spend a fortune to be well-prepared for the great outdoors. 

Starrtid backpack

When you set off from the campsite to embark on adventures, you'll need to bring essentials with you. While a regular day pack may suffice, you may want to opt for IKEA's Starrtid bag instead. This roomy backpack has a capacity of five gallons, features comfortable shoulder straps, and is made of recycled polyester. Not only is this better for the environment, but the recycled material is also waterproof. If you encounter a sudden downpour on a hike, you won't have to worry about your items inside getting wet.

The Starrtid bag is also beautifully designed to make access easy. For example, you can keep your wallet, keys, and phone in the outer compartment, and a laptop or tablet in the back one. Plus, there's a zippered side opening to access things quickly in the main compartment. In addition, you can slot in a water bottle and umbrella in the side pockets, allowing you to stay both hydrated and dry. On Google Reviews, the bag receives a 4.5-star rating, with user Latifia noting, "I can dress this up and down. I love it as a daily work bag and hiking for drinks and snacks."

Enkelsparig water bottle

To help ensure optimal health, we should all drink plenty of water every day. Hydration is even more vital when you're moving about in the wilderness. When camping, you should have a high-quality (and reusable) water bottle, such as the Enkelsparig water bottle. It has a capacity of 24 ounces (3 cups), which is a decent size for a light day hike.

With a stainless steel design, you'll have peace of mind knowing you aren't sipping harmful plastics, and the durable metal means you won't need to replace the water bottle anytime soon. With a slim, simple design, the Enkelsparig water bottle is actually fitted for the Starrtid backpack's side pockets. It also fits snugly in most car cup holders as well, making it an ideal daily-use bottle. In addition, the bottle's top features a circular handle that flips out, allowing you to grab and carry the bottle easily. 

Vappeby Bluetooth speaker lamp

If you rather not stumble around the campsite after dark, then the Vappeby Bluetooth speaker lamp is a must-have. This combo light and speaker also leaves more space for other supplies. The light is bright enough to illuminate your path, but not too bright, and it's rainproof, meaning you can bring it — rain or shine. Set it down on a table or ground, and it'll give the campsite a cozy glow. 

You'll also get to enjoy your favorite tunes. You can either stream music from your Spotify account or plug in a USB cord to hook up to your phone, tablet, or laptop. Whatever you choose, the tunes will hit everyone equally, thanks to the 360-degree sound feature. The speaker lamp has a built-in rechargeable battery with a USB-C port, which you can connect to a battery pack or a USB charger if you have access to wall plugs. On IKEA's webpage, the speaker lamp receives a 4.9-star review (out of five stars) from 16 satisfied users.

Sockerbit storage box with lid

Going camping means you're hauling lots of supplies for the trip. While you can fill cardboard boxes and plastic bags with your belongings, this makeshift storage can wear down quickly and break, especially when exposed to the elements. If your camping supplies get wet, muddy, and dusty (or break), it can seriously impact the success of your trip. Enter the Sockerbit storage box. This sturdy box has a lid with a built-in locking function, meaning you won't need to worry about the top suddenly coming off. 

While it's extremely secure, the box's design still allows for good air circulation inside, meaning the contents won't get moldy if some of the gear is damp. This is an incredibly thoughtful feature when storing supplies both while camping and at home. The boxes are also stackable, allowing for efficient packing, and the Sockerbit box comes in various sizes.

Rensare waterproof bag

Most campers will want to bring smartphones on adventures to snap pictures. But phones cost a pretty penny, and if you get them wet, you risk damaging them permanently. Along with phones, there are all types of camping items you'll want free of moisture, from food to flashlights. If you grab yourself a cheap Resnare waterproof bag from IKEA, you'll be able to ensure your items stay dry — even in less-than-ideal weather conditions. 

After you fold the top edge three times and lock it with the snap strap, this polyester and plastic bag is highly effective at keeping water out. This means that you can plan an epic kayaking adventure with your new phone in tow or hike without worrying about your "topo" map getting wet. Or, after an all-weather adventure, you can store wet clothes and swimwear in your backpack without dirtying everything else. Along with its waterproof design, the Resnare bag is easy to carry around, thanks to its snap strap that doubles as a handle.

Slibb large pegs

Staying warm and dry is a must while camping to prevent hypothermia, which can be dangerous, and even deadly. But you can only bring so many changes of clothes and towels, and you don't have the convenience of a tumble dryer in the wilderness. The cost-effective solution is simple: Slibb large pegs

For just a buck, you can get two robust pegs that'll barely take up room in your bag. They're strong enough to hang quilts and blankets, so you can count on them to secure your clothes and towels onto tree branches. They're also made of UV-resistant plastic and can withstand strong winds, which makes them perfect for camping. If you're someone who appreciates that clean air smell, you can also get creative with the pegs to hang your freshly washed sheets and blankets at home, which can seriously reduce wear and tear on your dryer. On IKEA's website, Slibb large pegs receive a 4.8-star rating from 35 reviewers. 

Bevara sealing clips

Camping activities often take a lot of physical effort, which leads to frequent snacking to keep energy levels up. While you can bring rubber bands or regular clips to secure leftovers, they pop off too easily, can break, and won't seal bags. However, Bevara sealing clips can save the day. These smart locks completely close and seal bags, helping to make sure contents stay fresh and delicious and preventing food waste.

More importantly, the clips will seal away any food odors, making sure you're packing food safely from bears and other wildlife. While it's still a good idea to keep food in tamper-proof storage at the campsite, the clips are a convenient way to seal and store food on the go. At home, you can also use the clips to keep food fresh in the fridge, pantry, or freezer for long-term storage. The sealing clips are both freezer- and dishwasher-safe. 

Finfoerdela flexible chopping boards

To replenish your energy, you'll need to eat wholesome meals. Not only can you bring your own fruits and vegetables, but you can also forage (carefully) for produce, fish, and hunt. When camping, eating "wilderness to table" can bring a whole new appreciation for the food you prepare and eat. Although practicing food safety can be difficult in the wild, it's not impossible to do. 

You can bring Finfoerdela flexible chopping boards, which have anti-slip properties to make it safer for cutting. You'll always have a clean surface for food prep, and the rubber boards' flexibility allows you to pour cut food into any container, pot, or pan without spilling it. In addition, the Finfoerdela chopping boards are very thin. This makes them great for tight spaces, allowing you to pack them without taking up an excessive amount of room. You can also roll them up to carry in backpacks.

Oeverst metal coffee filter

If you're like many, you need a shot of caffeine in the morning to start the day off right. And a good cup of coffee when camping is an excellent way to greet the outdoors. However, bringing a regular coffee maker is problematic, especially if you can't access power outlets. If you're a serious coffee drinker, the Oeverst filter is an ideal solution. It's not very large and can go over all sorts of items, such as cups, mugs, vacuum flasks, and carafes, making the process simpler. In addition, you don't need to bring paper filters, which is one less item to put on your packing list. 

The added benefit is that the metal coffee filter is friendly to both the environment and your wallet, and this reusable metal filter is designed with small holes that allow the coffee bean oils to pass through. As a result, you'll get richer coffee. Despite the small holes, the Oeverst filter is easy to clean. The metal coffee filter can be separated into three parts for easy scrubbing and drying.

Tillreda portable induction cooktop

If staying at campsites with power outlets or some other power source, then you can really simplify cooking with the Tillreda portable induction cooktop. It's notably useful for those who aren't comfortable using portable gas stoves or charcoal grills. All you'll need to do is plug in the induction cooktop and use a compatible pot or pan. There aren't any gas components or flames to deal with, and there's a locking feature to ensure no one accidentally turns it on. In addition, if the surface is still hot, a symbol lights up as a warning. 

This energy-efficient cooktop is compact and easy to operate. Simply turn it on with the power button, then press the "-" or "+" button to turn the heat up or down. The Tillreda portable induction cooktop isn't just great for camping, either. Plug it in at home to create an extra cooking zone. 

Finskuren travel flatware

After creating a delicious campfire meal, you shouldn't have to eat with your hands. Not only is it messy, but your hands may not be super clean. While many may bring plastic utensils, this isn't eco-friendly, and if you're an outdoor enthusiast, then eco-friendliness is probably something you tend to consider. Finskuren travel flatware is a eco-friendlier and classier option than plastic utinsels. 

Stored in a cotton case, the travel utensil kit contains a stainless steel fork, knife, and spoon. You can carry your utensils in the flat case wherever you go, as it'll slide right into your backpack compartment. The utensils are dishwasher safe, so you can put them in for a cycle after camping and wash the case in your laundry machine. While the travel utensil kit is a simple enough idea, 43 reviewers on gave the kit a near-perfect, 4.9-star rating. "Use this when we went camping. Works great," reviewer Paul writes. 

Foerskaffa insulated tiffen box

You shouldn't be relegated to eating cold food just because you're out camping. Of course, you've got the campfire to grill meats and cook soups and stews with, but when cooking various items using limited cooking space, some courses or side dishes can become stone cold by the time you want to chow down. However, the Foerskaffa insulated tiffin box provides a simple solution. This stainless steel box secures its contents and has a tight seal to lock in heat. There are also two compartments, so you can keep multiple dishes hot simultaneously. 

The tiffin box can also store hot liquids, and the box will keep the contents warm for up to three hours. Also, should you want to keep food and liquids cold, the Foerskaffa insulated tiffin box can do that, too. Similar to hot contents, the insulated tiffin box can keep things cool for up to three hours.

Pepprig wash tub

Whenever possible, camping supplies should be compact and lightweight. Weighing in at 8 ounces, the Pepprig wash tub is superlight and collapsible, making it a cinch to wedge into your bag when packing. When you pop the wash tub out, it can hold a decent amount of water, meaning you can wash your face, clothes, and food in it comfortably. The Pepprig wash tub has a grooved bottom, which makes scrubbing more effective. Also, the tube's handle features a hole, allowing you to hang it up for easy drying.

On, some reviewers also reported repurposing the wash tub as a dog bowl. However, we'd suggest using the product either as a wash tub or a dog bowl exclusively during any one camping trip. "This item works well as my sink or compost bowl for camping. The fact that [it] takes up minimal space is perfect for my needs. Has multiple functions," user Zelda writes. 

Sommarlanke LED pendant lamp

One of your biggest enemies when camping is the dark. Whether it's lurking creatures or undiscovered obstacles, the dark can hide dangers when you're in the wilderness. Fortunately, Sommarlanke LED pendant lamps can shed light on these dangers, and since they're so affordable ($11.99 a piece), we'd recommend buying a few. You can hang these up anywhere to provide soft lighting when camping. The lamps feature strong straps made of polyester and synthetic rubber, so you can hang them on tree branches. When you need to illuminate a path, simply untie one of these pendant lamps to use it as a lantern. 

Perfect for camping, the LED lamps do not require any cords or plugs. They're battery-powered, and you only need two AA batteries to get them up and running. While most reviewers on give the lamps glowing reviews, some reviewers report they'd prefer if the lamps were rechargeable instead of battery-powered.