Queer Eye's Tan France Shares His Ultimate Travel Must-Haves

Tan France's lifestyle may be extravagant, but the "Queer Eye" stylist is anything but high-maintenance when he's packing his travel bag. While some celebrities (and non-celebs, for that matter) are set on cramming in a ton of shoes and handbags, France prioritizes efficiency when he's packing his essentials. France's approach to fashion is not unlike his approach to traveling, as he focuses on practicality while still incorporating that effortless style. No doubt, the style guru has come to master the art of travel. Back in 2019, France revealed he was on an airplane at least a few times a week for two and a half years, per PopSugar. He told the outlet, "I've done 14 states over the last 15 days. And I also travel internationally a lot."

Throughout the years, France has shared some valuable packing tips. In 2022, he described a great hack for saving suitcase space. He told Travel and Leisure, "I put as much as I possibly can into the shoe, even a phone charger or maybe a rolled-up belt. So all of my accessories are in my footwear and then the rest of my packing is just my clothes, which is pretty easy." Many of France's travel tips are inspired by his own preferences. Without further ado, let's unpack the "Queer Eye" star's ultimate travel must-haves.

Tan France packs comfortable clothing

When it comes to packing, Tan France is all about efficiency. In fact, the fashionista aims to just bring a carry-on bag for brief trips to Europe and always packs a pair of good-quality jeans. "They go with pretty much everything. You can dress them up or dress them down," he told Insider. Additionally, France won't travel without a pair of comfortable sneakers, as he considers them necessary for walking. To add some vibrancy to an ensemble, he'll bring a small bag of accessories that typically includes two neck scarves, a couple of belts, and some hats. He'll also take some costume jewelry with him, as he doesn't want to risk losing precious valuables.

A frequent train passenger when visiting Europe, France teamed up with Trainline to launch a guide called "Trainleisure: A Style Guide to Europe." Talking to Thrillist, he identified comfort as the basis of trainleisure. "You're likely sitting down for an extended period of time, so make sure you are dressed in something you won't want to change out of in an hour," he explained. France is a fan of wearing neutral colors when traveling. To stay warm on a long train ride, he'll bring a muted sweater.

Tan France's other travel essentials

Stylish yet comfortable garments are undoubtedly important to Tan France — but they're not his only must-haves for a smooth trip. France told Thrillist about some of his train travel necessities (and they are very relatable). When he needs a snack, France reaches for flavored pistachios. To keep himself occupied, he will watch a downloaded movie on his laptop, like the iconic "Dirty Dancing." Even on transport, France doesn't neglect self-care — a sleep mask on a train and Firsthand pomade are essentials for the star.

As far as general packing goes, France has nailed down an efficient system for storing his hair and skincare items. Talking to Insider, the star revealed that he uses stackable travel jars. "They're just slightly wider than a stack of quarters, aren't big, and could fit inside a shoe. In my opinion, it's another way to save space, and my shoes don't crease," he said. He also discussed the money-saving benefits of skipping new travel-sized products. "Go to the pound shop, buy one of those stacks of little pots, and you use the product you already have," he told PopSugar. Instead of throwing down money on travel-size cosmetics and toiletries, he will just squirt a bit of his shampoo, moisturizer, and serums into the jars. Concerned that the airline could lose his checked luggage, the "Queer Eye" star keeps his toiletries under 3.4 ounces and close to him in his carry-on bag.