Queer Eye's Tan France Thinks It's 'Bizarre' To Pack This Item On A Trip

Don't pack multiple purses in your hand luggage, according to Tan France. We've come to know, love, and trust France through the beloved reality show "Queer Eye." The fashion designer has made his mark by giving guests on the show advice about expressing themselves and helping them elevate their fashion. Guests leave the show feeling better about themselves and empowered, thanks to France's tasteful eye. So when it comes to clothing and accessorizing, if France has a thought, we're here to listen. 

The reality star spoke with Insider about his best packing tips, and some things to avoid when setting off on a trip. France had some things to say about carry-on luggage and personal items, the two different bags that most travelers tend to bring with them on a plane. France couldn't wrap his head around travelers who ate up valuable space in their luggage by packing multiple purses. "I have a very close friend who will take little handbags — like clutch bags and slightly larger bags — in their hand luggage, and then just pack a couple of dresses or whatever," France told the outlet. "I think that's a really bizarre thing to pack." He had a great tip about what to do instead.

Bring one black or white purse, according to Tan France

When Tan France spoke to Insider about packing, he said he didn't understand why some travelers pack multiple handbags. So, he suggested that travelers bring one handbag that's versatile enough to work with any outfit. "Make it a black one or a white one, and use that extra space for all the other stuff you might want," France suggested. "I don't think I would ever give real estate to a bunch of different bags," he went on. "No one really cares that you're wearing the same bag every day, as opposed to the same full outfit every day."

France had some other valuable tips too, and it all had to do with prioritizing what's essential to look great on a trip while traveling light. He suggested wearing your bulkiest clothes, like an outer jacket and boots, on your travel day so that those things don't take up space in your luggage. He also urged travelers to make the most of accessories, because they're small and they can make a neutral capsule wardrobe look like several different outfits. "If I'm taking something like a white T-shirt or a black T-shirt, I can dress it up and make it look different depending on the kind of accessories I pack," he explained. "I usually take at least two belts, a couple of neck scarves, hats — anything I can fit into the size of a toiletry bag." Sounds like some great advice.