The Genius Reason You Should Never Go Hiking Without This Office Staple

When you're off on a big hiking adventure that lasts several days, there are a few staples that you just can't do without. Of course, a great pair of comfy and durable hiking boots is number one. Hiking poles, a lightweight tent, bug spray, sunscreen, and a water bladder so you can stay hydrated all day are also great choices. But have you ever considered that perhaps one of the most ingenious and versatile tools you can bring on your next hike might be found inside your office desk drawer? It's not your stapler or your Post-it notes, it's actually your collection of binder clips.

For quite some time now, the internet has gushed about all the creative ways to use binder clips beyond, y'know, clipping large stacks of paper together. Perhaps the most popular off-brand use is clipping them to the back of your office desk and then slipping your computer cables, charging cords, and ethernet cables through the loops to keep them organized and always within reach, per Wired. Yet, when you're hiking, the strong durability of the clips will come in handy when your socks get soaked in a puddle and you need them to dry while you're on the move. How does it work? Let's take a closer look. 

Use binder clips to fasten wet clothes to your pack

Picture it: you're hiking during the rainy season, and the trail is loaded with mud and puddles. In addition, you've been caught in a rainstorm more than once. When you're on the move, drying out your wet clothes and gear might be a real pain, so Buzzfeed suggests packing a stash of binder clips to make drying your wet items much easier. If you hang your wet clothes over your backpacking straps and then fasten them securely with binder clips, you've got yourself a clothes-drying line right on your person! By the time your 8-hour hike is over, your socks will be fresh, dry, aired-out, and ready to use again. If you're camping overnight, you can use the clips to hang your wet clothes or gear outside overnight for extra dryness. Just make sure the forecast is clear! 

But wait, there are even more great travel uses for binder clips. To prevent cutting yourself when you reach into your toiletries bag, snap a binder clip over your razor. Not only will you save your skin, it will extend the life of your razor because it won't be rubbing up against other items. Of course, most of us bring charging cords for our phones and cameras when we hike and travel, so Lifehacker suggests using a binder clip to keep your cords neatly wrapped without the chance of them unfolding and being damaged in your pack.