Travel Agent Shares With Us Top Predictions For Travel Deal Tuesday 2023

There's a longstanding booking myth that the "best" day to book a flight is Tuesday because, historically, it used to be the day that airlines released tickets, and anyone who got first dibs on them got to enjoy deep bargains. But carriers have since transitioned to using complex algorithms to determine airfare, so waiting around for Tuesdays to secure flights has become pointless. Then again, you may want to keep note of a single Tuesday out of the year. It's called Travel Deal Tuesday, a travel deal extravaganza where you can score incredible savings on flights, hotels, cruises, and more. Call it a tourist's Super Bowl, if you will.

While there is no "best" day to book a flight, Travel Deal Tuesday might be the sole exception. Lynn Farrell, president of the Foremost Travel Group, which includes Windy City TravelOswego Travel, and Traveloni, exclusively told Explore that the shopping event, similar to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, yields significant discounts on various travel experiences. "Travel Deal Tuesday is the day that most airlines, resorts, and travel suppliers offer the best travel deals," she explained. To illustrate, Hopper reported that in 2022's Travel Deal Tuesday, companies released a whopping 20 deals per second throughout the day.

This year will be no different, according to Farrell. If you're eyeing significant savings on your future trips, Travel Deal Tuesday 2023 will likely deliver.

A discounted Eurotrip coming your way

Experienced extreme FOMO when everyone and their mother jetted off to Europe over the summer? You'll no longer miss out next year, as Lynn Farrell noted that there will be an abundance of flight deals to Europe on the upcoming Travel Deal Tuesday, among others.

"As a luxury travel agency, we expect to see discounts on flights to Europe," she said, so you can probably expect to see deals on highly sought-after cities like Istanbul, Paris, Barcelona, Prague, and Berlin. But if you're more inclined to set sail and explore the waters instead, you also won't be disappointed, as there's a forecasted influx of cruise-related bargains. "We also expect some great deals on luxury river cruising and ocean cruises," Farrell added.

But here's the real kicker. The 2023 Travel Deal Tuesday is poised to shower travelers with some holiday deals, a godsend for those who procrastinated on their travel plans. We all know that excursions are at an all-time high over the holiday season, so this may be your golden opportunity to pocket some savings, especially if you're on the hunt for luxury experiences. "We also expect some last minute luxury festive resort availability and deals for the holiday season," she said.

Consult with a travel advisor to evaluate deals

A word of caution: given that there will be a flurry of discounts available in the much-awaited 2023 Travel Deal Tuesday, Lynn Farrell warned against getting lured by deals that may be too good to be true. To navigate the overwhelming barrage of bargains, she suggests enlisting the help of a travel advisor to determine whether a deal is worth parting with your hard-earned money for.

"Our recommendation is to talk to an expert Luxury Advisor to understand the offering, options, and the value of the deal being offered," she advised. "It is important to have an expert on your side and not believe everything you read on the internet. Personal experiences and relationships matter. Plus, you want to make sure you understand the fine print on certain deals and offerings." In short: do a thorough scrutiny of a deal before committing, and if you're unsure, a travel advisor can offer invaluable insights.

It's easy to get blinded by rock-bottom prices during these shopping holidays, but it's crucial to exercise caution to ensure that you're not on the losing end. Take the time to double-check factors like inclusions, blackout dates, cancelation policies, and any potential hidden fees. Some deals may turn out to be more expensive upon a careful assessment, while some may be more trouble than they're worth. But if you happen to come across a deal that ticks most of your boxes, then by all means, book that trip. You know you deserve it.