This Spanish Destination Is A Great Addition To Your Foodie Travel Bucket List

Food tourism is on the rise, with more travelers realizing that having access to world-class cuisine can significantly enhance the travel experience. When it comes to Europe, Italy might be known as the best wine and food destination on the continent, but foodies would be remiss not to venture out to other European hotspots for some of the continent's best eats. There's one Spanish city that could easily give the likes of Bologna or Palermo a run for its money.

San Sebastian is one of the most underrated cities in Europe, with some of the best cuisine on the globe. Located in the Basque country of Spain, this northern Spanish region is well-known for producing top-notch wines and gastronomical offerings that will leave travelers happy and full. If food is a priority for you when you travel, you must start planning your trip to the culinary mecca that is San Sebastian.

What to order in San Sebastian

When dining out in San Sebastian, you'll need to know what to order to ensure you're getting the best taste of local Basque country. While the majority of Spain eats tapas, in the Basque country, small plates are referred to as pintxos. Being able to order pintxos is a great way to sample several different offerings, and especially great if you're traveling with friends.

One of the most popular pintxos in the Basque country is bolinhos de bacalhau, or fried cod fritters, which can be found on nearly every menu in town and is simply a must. Another major staple in San Sebastian dining is La gilda, a "green" skewer, usually with an olive, a pickled guindilla pepper, and an anchovy on a piece of toast. La gilda is often referred to as one of the first pintxos of the Basque Country.

You'll also find plenty of seafood on menus throughout the city. Proteins like clams, seabream, squid, hake, baked spider crab, and even baby eels are commonly used in Basque country cuisine.

Food tours and restaurants

Because there are so many great eateries in town, it can feel overwhelming to decide where to go. For a surefire way to get the best tastes of the city, booking a food tour with Devour Tours is a great option. They offer private tours as well as a combination of sightseeing and eating, so you can customize your trip to your liking without sacrificing any of the city's culinary offerings.

If there is one elegant restaurant you simply must try to visit, it's got to be Mugaritz. Mugaritz is the only restaurant in San Sebastian that was voted one of the World's 50 Best Restaurants on the prestigious annual list, coming in at number 30. For more casual bites, try local hotspots such as Antonio Bar for the ultimate pintxo experience and La Viña to try the classic Basque burnt cheesecake at the place it originated. You also won't want to miss Bar Txepetxa, solely dedicated to anchovies.