Plan A Lakeside Vacation To This Beautiful New York Beach

When one thinks of New York's landscape, images of quaint towns in the Adirondacks or the bright city skyscrapers of New York City might come to mind. One thing's for sure: most folks don't associate New York with its beaches. The state is not a tropical destination by any means, and when we think of beaches in or near the USA, Florida, California, or even a quick jaunt down to the Caribbean, it seems more fitting. However, there's a beach landlocked smack in the middle of New York state that will certainly challenge your perception.

Sylvan Beach is a small town in Oneida County, New York. Closely situated to Syracuse, this remote part of the state provides everything New York City doesn't: a quiet respite away from the chaos and a no-frills small-town charm. Oh, and of course, instead of skyscrapers, you've got a sandy beach to splash around in Oneida Lake. If you want to let your log cabin and camping dreams come to fruition, a visit to New York's Sylvan Beach is in order.

A beachy weekend getaway

The town of Sylvan Beach itself is much more than just the beach. Best of all, it can easily be seen in just a day or two. You'll, of course, want to hit the beach. Sylvan Beach gets particularly packed in the summer, so getting there early is your best bet at beating the crowds. If you're coming here with kiddos, you'll be pleased to know there's a Sylvan Beach Amusement Park. It's worth noting the amusement park is only open in the summer months since it can get quite chilly (and quiet) up here.

You certainly won't go hungry in this tiny New York town. For breakfast, try Pancake House for an all-American meal or The Blend from some fruity favorites like açai bowls and smoothies. For lunch, the Crazy Clam is a sworn-by favorite, especially for their steamed clams and clam po'boys. If you're looking for live music and a libation, Harpoon Eddie's never disappoints, and if you're hungry, they have a full menu. The top dinner options in town are Canal View Cafe, serving up a wide variety of seafood and wine served in a pitcher shaped like a chicken, or The Lake House, which makes a killer cocktail and just so happens to have a casino attached.

A boater's paradise

Some waterways in New York State don't allow motorized boats, but Oneida Lake is not one of them. For this reason, it's a likely scene to see many fast boats along Sylvan Beach. If you want some boat time but don't have access to one, head to Sylvan Beach Supply Co. at The Cove to rent ski boats, pontoons, fishing boats, or even kayaks. Each year, Sylvan Beach holds an annual Oneida Lake Chicken Wing Run, where boaters get out on the water in support of a good cause. Raising money for the local fire department, participants boat over to Waterfront Tavern in Brewerton to enjoy an all-you-can-eat chicken wing feast for a fixed price.

Sylvan Beach also holds an annual Pirates Weekend, where, as the name insinuates, everyone dresses up in pirate gear for an all-weekend pirate party. Sylvan Beach is also a common destination for Upstaters to spend holidays such as Independence Day, Labor Day, and Memorial Day.