Visit This Historical East Coast Town For A Charming Beach Vacation

Beach towns offer something special that you just can't get anywhere else. The moment most people smell that salty breeze or hear the soothing sound of ocean waves, they get the feeling that it's okay to slow down and relax a little. This laid-back atmosphere paired with an easy-going culture, often centered around seafood and water activities, makes vacations by the coast an absolute delight for anyone taking a break from their ordinary lives inland.

For anyone seeking quaint, mellow options while planning a beach stay, the Jersey Shore may not come top of mind. Famed by the 2009 reality TV show "Jersey Shore," many people group the whole coast in with its cast of partygoers. However, this was filmed in just one small area on the state's shore. Don't let this reality TV show let you overlook the region. Lest you'll miss out on an absolutely charming, not to mention historically significant, spot for a seaside getaway — Ocean Grove, New Jersey.

Ocean Grove, New Jersey is steeped in history

Founded in 1869, Ocean Grove is a great destination for history buffs. Back in the 19th century, a methodist congregation discovered Ocean Groves's stunning coastal atmosphere and decided it would be the perfect place to host recreational gatherings. Propping up tents for temporary stays to start, slowly but surely, Ocean Grove developed into a permanent town and community. Nonetheless, the community continues to carry on the tradition of tenting, with 114 year-round tents standing today.

Most of the town is, of course, constructed from sturdier traditional materials. However, many of these still harken back to the community's early days with beautifully preserved Victorian architecture. In fact, this tiny little town boasts the largest concentration of Victorian homes in the U.S. Strolling down Ocean Pathway, you'll be transported back in time by historic cottages adorned with ornate trims and steep, gabled roofs.

Perhaps the town's greatest historic feature of architecture is the Great Auditorium. Erected in 1894, this enormous wooden marvel was made to seat 10,000 people. Constructed before the advent of sound systems, it is equipped with unbelievable acoustics. If you can catch an organ or choir concert at the auditorium during your stay, you'll be blown away.

What to do in Ocean Grove, New Jersey

Ocean Grove, New Jersey is not only a place for you to get a taste of history, but it is also a place for you to relax and take on outdoor adventures. This seaside town offers a top-of-the-line beach for visitors to relax and unwind at. Unlike more urban beach settings, Ocean Grove is secluded from bustling commercialism and is geared toward family-friendly fun. Fortunately, with the quaint downtown Ocean Grove being just a couple of blocks away from the sand, food and drink are easy to snag whenever you want.

If you're looking for something a little more lively, Asbury Park Beach is just a few minutes away from your stay in Ocean Grove. There, you can visit the old stomping grounds of legendary artists like Bruce Springsteen and listen to today's upcoming bands at The Stone Pony music venue. Whenever you decide to visit Ocean Grove, be sure to check out the Ocean Grove Chamber of Commerce's calendar. You'll find there's always a slew of local festivities for you to join alongside this fun and friendly community.