Plan A Trip To This Underrated East Coast Island For Fun Water Adventures

Some people feel drawn to the water, finding solace and exhilaration in the movement of swimming, the tranquility of floating, and the thrill of paddling through nature's wonders. For them, the water is a blissful oasis. If you're a water baby looking for a new exploration spot, we recommend you take your next vacation at Tybee Island, Georgia's low-key but luxurious getaway.

This east coast beach town, only half an hour from Savannah, Georgia, is the perfect place to lay low and spend hours on end wading in the Atlantic Ocean. Since the mid-19th century, beach-goers have been traveling to this island for a delightful escape from their day-to-day lives. Not only is it a great place for all your favorite water sports, but it also offers a beautiful urban center filled with Southern charm, historic sites, and delicious dining. Here's everything you need to know to plan your trip to this underrated seaside destination.

What to do on Tybee Island

Tybee Island is brimming with activities and attractions to keep you busy. Off the bat, you'll discover a plethora of water activities like kayaking, surfing, fishing, jet-skiing, and paddle-boarding on Tybee's beaches. With plenty of places to rent gear and hire instructors, the area is primed for anyone looking to have fun in the water.

If you're interested in marine life, we suggest you check out Captain Derek's Dolphin Adventure Tour to observe these clever aquatic creatures while attending a scenic cruise along the island's coast. For something a little more educational, visit the Tybee Marine Science Center or hire a certified science educator to guide you through the unique features and animals within the island's ecosystem.

Tybee Island is also a great destination for history buffs. The famous Tybee Lighthouse dates back to the 1700s, while the McQueen's Island Trail is a bit on the younger side at just over a century old.

Accommodations and more on Tybee Island, Georgia

Luckily, Tybee Island is closely connected to the mainland, making it an easy destination to access. To enter the island, all visitors will need to take Highway 80 from Savannah, Georgia. Since Savannah is a major city within the southern state, the Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport is conveniently located just under 30 miles from Tybee Island. With clear roads, you can get to the island from the airport in around 40 minutes.

While Tybee Island only stretches for 5 miles, you'll find more than enough options for entertainment, culture, dining, and lodging. Boasting 40 privately owned restaurants for you to choose from and more than 800 vacation homes, you'll be more than taken care of by this island's hospitality scene. However, if you want to embrace the island's natural beauty and take a little break from modern life, Tybee is also a great spot for your southern camping trip and has a number of camping and RV sites available for reservation.