Make Finding Accommodations Easier In Less Touristy Areas With This Tip

If you're heading out for a trip to, say, Rome, you're probably not going to have much difficulty finding a hotel room. Rome is a major city and full of them. That's probably going to be the case in any major metropolitan area you visit, provided you're not going during an event like the Olympics or the World Cup. Your issues are more likely to occur with pricing, amenities, and how close the location is to what you want to see on your vacation. 

However, if you're visiting a place that's a bit off the beaten path and less touristy, finding a place to stay can be more difficult. There may not be as many in Sinalunga, Italy, as there would be in Rome. We've found an excellent idea for you to use to make finding accommodations in smaller and less touristy places. Instead of looking for a hotel room, why not try a guesthouse for your trip? 

Why book a guesthouse instead of a hotel?

You may have used services like Vrbo or Airbnb to find guesthouses, but these days, most booking sites like Expedia,, or, for instance, have options to look for apartments and guesthouses as well. It's worth a peek for more reasons than just finding a place to lay your head, like free parking.  

You might find a guesthouse with its own parking spot, which is fantastic for the budget. Hotel parking can cost anywhere from $10 to $75 a night but could go even higher in larger cities. With a guesthouse, you may have access to a kitchen, allowing you to prepare some meals rather than eating in restaurants for breakfast, lunch, and dinner — which can save you money (and is likely true in your own town as well).

Since property rental sites have been around, some of us have realized that it's wonderful to have options beyond a table full of bagels and muffins for breakfast in the lounge. Plus, a local grocery store is a great way to learn more about the city you're visiting and get a good sense of the culture.