Helpful Hacks For Adding Extra Security To Your Hotel Room

When you stay in a hotel room, you might assume safety isn't a top concern. There are often cameras, elevators that require a key card, and multiple door locks to keep you feeling secure. However, intruders and thieves aren't as rare as they may seem.

While statistics of hotel break-ins are hard to pin down, one survey by The EasyLock (via Daily Mail) revealed that 10% of UK travelers had been victims of theft during a hotel stay. What's more shocking, one-third of victims reported being in the room when the crime took place. In these instances, they may have been sleeping, using the bathroom, or lounging on the balcony, offering the burglar an opportunity to go undetected.

This data is a reminder that access cards and door locks aren't always enough to keep you secure when staying in a hotel. Thankfully, a few easy hacks can help you feel safer when traveling — and they're easy to pull off with items found in your hotel room or packed in your suitcase.

Easy-to-find objects could keep intruders out of your hotel room

Since hotel break-ins can occur when guests are in their rooms, it makes sense to add another line of defense from the inside. One helpful hack that has worked for some savvy travelers involves blocking the door with an ironing board. All you need is a board with an adjustable height so that it fits right under the doorknob. The idea is that, if someone tries to jostle the handle open, it won't move because the board is blocking the way. Even if someone does manage to push their way in, the ironing board would likely fall over, making enough noise to alert you or others.

Another hotel safety tip that involves an item you'll find in most accommodations is demonstrated in a viral video by TikTok user @mamaextra. In the clip, the content creator suggests taking a washcloth or small towel and placing it over the extra lock (usually a chain or swinging bar) outfitted on most hotel room doors. This prevents burglars from being able to slide a card or other device into the door crack, a common strategy for breaking in. The TikToker offers another suggestion using a lint roller, assuming you remembered to pack one in your luggage: Simply place the lint roller inside your room right next to the door. The lint roller acts as a door stopper, and its stickiness creates extra resistance to keep uninvited guests out.