7 Hotel Safety Tips You Should Never Ignore

Unfortunately, we have to take extreme precaution in today's society. This means doing our absolute best to ensure safe travel. As if traveling to your location isn't stressful enough, now we have to worry about remaining safe once we arrive to our hotel.  

According to LISTVERSE, "some of the biggest crimes in history have happened in hotels, and hotel crime is rising." Theft, drug mules, terrorists and human trafficking are just some of the many crimes related to hotels.

Be very careful who you trust; an individual with hotel security might turn out to be a threat to your safety, rather than someone who is supposed to ensure your protection.

Although hotel safety is not assured, there are many things that you can do to prevent possible crime and misconduct.

Read below for 7 Hotel Safety Tips You Should Never Ignore.


1. Check-In- Avoid staying in a room on the bottom floor, it's too easy to break into. According to Independent Traveler, "many safety experts recommend staying somewhere between the third and sixth floors — where rooms are high enough to be difficult to break into, but not so high that they're out of the reach of most fire engine ladders."

2. Leave the TV or Radio On- Leave the TV or radio on when you leave your hotel room. This will give off the impression that you are inside which should send away any unwanted guests.

3. Lock Your Door- Lock all deadbolts, security chains and metal security locks. Regardless to how long you plan on leaving your room, never leave your door a pinch open.

4. Use Your Hotel Safe- Protect your valuables and make use of your hotel room safe. Lock up your lap top, expensive jewelry and other things you are not taking out with you.

5. Use Your Do Not Disturb Sign- Regardless to if you are in the room or out, always keep the do not disturb sign on your doorknob. This will give dangerous individuals the impression that you are in the room.

6. Don't Set Your Credit Card on The Check-In Counter- You are making it way too easy for a thief to glance over and steal your information. Also, always make sure that after payment, upon receiving your credit card, it is your card and not a fake one given back to you.

7. Place a Flashlight by the Bed- Anything can happen, and in the occurrence of a power outage you may need to navigate your way out of your hotel building. According to the National Fire Protection Association, "in an average year, one of every 12 hotels or motels reported a structure fire." Always come prepared.


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