The Hotel Hack That Finds An Extra Use For The Ironing Board

Sometimes, even the most innocuous items in your hotel room end up being the very things that help make your entire stay safer and more comfortable. There is a long list of hotel hacks that you can try using the amenities and supplies already in your hotel room, aka your home away from home.

For instance, if you're not fond of letting light in your room, you can use the clips in the clothes hanger to keep the curtains shut and prevent sunlight from entering. If you accidentally left or lost your charging block, you can plug your charging cable into the USB port on the back of the TV and use it to juice up your devices. And if your clothes are wrinkled, and there's no hotel-issued iron available, you can simply use the steam from the heated shower to smoothen them or use a blow dryer (with a spritz of water) as a makeshift steamer.

Even the items that you usually find little use for can come in handy. The ironing board that you tend to just leave inside the closet? That can double as a multipurpose table for your luggage and other belongings.

Use the ironing board as an extra table

The ironing board joins the minibar and decorative pillows in the list of hotel room amenities that guests tend to overlook. But instead of letting it rot away in the closet, you can whip it out and use it as a secondary table instead.

If you're sharing a room with somebody else, the ironing board can serve as an additional workstation (a standing desk, even), a dining table (just be careful not to spill any food), a laptop stand, or a multipurpose table for sorting out your belongings or storing small items. If the ironing board is big and sturdy enough, you can even use it as a table for your luggage, so you don't have to keep bending over or squatting each time you need to get something out of it. You already know how bothersome it is to keep crouching down when you're fixing your luggage, but with this ironing board hack, you can keep your stuff at waist level and do your organizing comfortably.

Hotel rooms can sometimes be crampy, but by being resourceful and using the ironing board for other things apart from, well, ironing, you have an instant table that provides extra counter space. Alternatively, you can hook it to your hotel room door for added safety. That way, you can sleep more soundly at night.