The Simple Tip To Get Into Museums For Free

Travel can be expensive, but it doesn't have to be. Whether you're solo or a family on a budget, travel does not have to equal debt. There are plenty of free things to do and see in every state, and one of the most interesting may be the local museum. If you have a museum in your area, you may already have a membership that grants your or your family admission on a yearly basis. Did you know that you may also be holding the key to getting into other museums across the U.S. for free?

You didn't misread that last sentence. Free admission to other museums can be yours if your local museum participates in the Reciprocal Organization of Associated Museums, or ROAM for short. The ROAM program allows free, reciprocal admission for members of participating museums. This program is available all across North America. However, each museum may decide the admission type and number of members to admit for free, so don't be surprised if everyone in your party is not included in the reciprocal admission. 

A library card could be your free ticket to a museum

Another opportunity for free admission may also be in your pocket. Your library may participate in a ticket-lending program for local museums. While this program will not work for out-of-city or out-of-state travelers, it is still an opportunity to visit a local museum at little to no expense. Each library has its own requirements to obtain a free or discounted museum pass. The Boston Public Library, for example, offers free or discounted admission to library patrons, but they must have a physical card in order to reserve a pass, no matter if the museum pass is physical or digital. In California, the Contra Costa County Library's Discover & Go program is a network of statewide libraries and attractions. Anyone with a library card from this program is eligible to receive free or low-cost admission to zoos, museums, science centers, and more. 

Whether or not you are visiting from out of town or looking for low-cost experiences in your own backyard, discovering your options will take little research and planning. Preparation can save you time and money, especially if you can take advantage of a benefit you already have in your back pocket.