The Flashy US Gas Station That Sells More Than 700 Types Of Soda

Since its earliest beginnings, Route 66 has been about far more than just the road. This iconic stretch of Americana is renowned for its quirky attractions, like the Cadillac Ranch in Texas, neon signs beckoning travelers into motels and restaurants, and old gas pumps that hearken back to a bygone age. Route 66 runs from Chicago to Los Angeles and traverses over 2,400 miles across the United States. And driving it is thirsty work.

Luckily, there's a pit stop along the way where you can find over 700 types of soda to quench your thirst. Pops is a sparkling beacon on Route 66 that tempts travelers with more fizz, flavor, and fun than any other gas station along the way (perhaps in the world). Located in Arcadia, Oklahoma, Pops isn't just your run-of-the-mill fueling station. With its massive 66-foot-tall soda bottle gleaming outside, which lights up in fun colors at night, it's a clear sign (pun intended) that you're in for an effervescent treat.

A soda pop paradise

Pops is a relative newcomer to Route 66, having opened in 2007. However, it's made its mark as a must-see along the way, with bloggers and YouTubers making stops there. But why? Sure, you've tried cola. Maybe even a root beer or ginger ale now and then. But have you ever tasted a maple bacon soda? Or perhaps a ranch dressing-flavored one? Pops is a shrine to soda lovers, boasting an astonishing array of different sodas from all over the world. There are even seasonal flavors and tongue-in-cheek election sodas.

The interior of Pops is as eye-catching as its exterior, with rows upon rows of colorful bottles artistically displayed, tempting you to experiment. Luckily, others have come before you and left some reviews. Blogger Quirky Travel Guy gave the buffalo wing soda a big thumbs down but, somewhat surprisingly, loved the chocolate-covered maple-smoked bacon flavor. A reporter on News9 wasn't a fan of the ranch flavor but approved of the butterscotch root beer. It's each to their own, and there's something for everyone at Pops.

Beyond soda, beyond Pops

The fun doesn't stop with soda at Pops. They also offer mouthwatering diner classics, so you can pair your exotic soda with a juicy burger or a classic hot dog. If you're keen to commemorate your time at Pops before you leave, there's plenty of nostalgic and soda-themed memorabilia available for purchase, including T-shirts, hats, and, of course, bottle openers.

If kitschy, oversized bottles float your boat (and we assume they do, if you're reading this), Arcadia, Oklahoma, is far from the only place to find them along Route 66. The Milk Bottle Grocery in Oklahoma City has a large milk bottle on the top of the building. Meanwhile, in Collinsville, Illinois, drivers can see the world's largest catsup bottle standing 170 feet high. Finally, at Elmer's Bottle Tree Ranch in Oro Grande, California, you won't find the biggest bottles, but you can see a forest of metal trees with bottle "branches" that are visible from the road.