Take A Trip To This Middle Eastern Coastline For Unforgettable Water Adventures

Ancient pyramids, vast deserts, historical ruins, and warm, traditional Arabic cultures might be what comes to mind when one thinks of the Middle East. All of this is true, but the region has seen its fair share of predispositions to a stereotypical reputation, whether positive or negative. Many visitors to the region might be surprised to discover that it's well-known amongst the scuba diving community as being home to one of the best underwater havens here on planet earth. The Red Sea is not only a vivid spot under the sea, but is home to many beach towns along the way.

The Red Sea is located along the coasts of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Yemen, Eritrea, Sudan, and Djibouti. Most travelers choose to enjoy the Red Sea, which is the one of the saltiest bodies of water in the world, from resorts in Egypt and Aqaba, Jordan. However, Saudi Arabia is quickly building a reputation as a tourist Red Sea destination. If you are interested in heading to one of the unique beaches along the Red Sea, or getting up close and personal by diving it, here's what you need to know.

A spectacular diving destination

The Red Sea is known as one of the best diving destinations in the world. There are several reasons behind why it has gained such a reputation. Firstly, since there is no connecting river that opens into the Red Sea, the water is crystal clear. Crystal clear water doesn't mean much if there's nothing to see, but this is not the case in the Red Sea. This Middle Eastern body of water is home to plenty of marine life. Swimmers can expect to see sharks, plenty of eye-catching and striking fish, and manatees. They'll even have a pretty good chance of swimming alongside dolphins. To give you an idea of how lively the underwater world is here, there are approximately 44 species of sharks and over 1200 species of fish that call the Red Sea home. Fish and sea life aside, there are also plenty of shipwrecks, and healthy, colorful coral reef that is known to be some of the most beautiful coral in the world

Because of its reputation as a stellar dive destination, the Red Sea is a popular place to participate in liveaboards. Liveaboards are, as the name suggests, when divers live on a boat for several days. This allows serious divers to maximize the amount of time they can spend underwater. Many who participate in liveaboards dive three times a day at different destinations.

Where you base yourself is crucial to your experience

Many travelers enjoy the Red Sea from Egypt's coastlines. A popular city to do so from is Hurghada, a beach town on Egypt's east coast. Sharm el Sheik is another picturesque Egyptian beach town, with waters so blue, you might feel you're in the Maldives. Luckily, Egypt is generally an affordable destinations for westerners, so you can visit one of the best underwater tropical destinations in the world without breaking the bank.

Aqaba, Jordan, is well-known as a tourist destination for avid divers. High concentrations of salt in water can provide healing benefits, so those who want to swim for therapeutic purposes might want to consider Jordan over all other destinations. The country is not only home to the Red Sea, but to the super salty Dead Sea as well.

If you want to go where many western travelers dare not trek, head to a Red Sea resort in Saudi Arabia instead in popular towns such as Jeddah, Yanbu, and Umluj. A few years ago, a visit to Saudi Arabia was much more difficult for westerners. Thanks to the newly established Saudi Vision 2030, the Kingdom has invested plenty into its tourism, making it easier than ever for travelers to visit. Even more recently, they've imparted the Red Sea Project to further promote tourism along the Red Sea. Safe to say, you should go before the masses catch onto what a vibrant, culturally-enriching destination Saudi Arabia is.