The Genius TikTok Hack For Keeping Your Kids Entertained On Long Flights

There's so much to be gained from traveling with your kids. Not only will you create long-lasting family memories but you'll also give your children the gift of experiences which, as any traveler knows, means so much more than material things. Since early childhood years are so impactful, taking trips during this developmental stage will give your kids a richer sense of life too. Suffice it to say that traveling as a family is worth it for so many reasons.

But doing so with young children is no joke, which is why we're deeply invested in finding hacks and tips to make the process easier. From packing for a kid to going on the actual trip itself, bringing them along requires a whole new level of planning and accommodation. For instance, flying with a car seat requires some research and preparation. The same goes for flying with a stroller since you'll need to check your airline's policy on size and weight restrictions. 

Once you're on the plane itself, you've got a whole new set of challenges to contend with; namely, keeping them entertained during the flight regardless of duration. Thankfully, there's a great TikTok hack from a fellow mom that will make the experience much easier, and all it requires is an inflatable travel footrest. 

A blow-up pillow in the space in front of your toddler's seat makes all the difference

In the world of toddler travel hacks, we're particularly grateful for one offered by Kaleigh Gawn (@kaleighgawn) on TikTok, who uses an inflatable pillow that goes on the floor in front of her toddler's seat. "We purchased this blow-up pillow off of Amazon," she explained in the video. "It came with a pump and it fills the space in between your seat as well as the tray table in front of you. This allows your toddler to stretch out during nap time or just lounging. It was a game changer."

Gawn also gave viewers a glimpse at her daughter relaxing in her seat while watching a screen that rested on the pillow so that it was at eye-level with her kid. Later, her daughter was sprawled out on her seat and pillow as she napped. Clearly, it adds some extra usable space so that your toddler can play and take advantage of the additional surface area. However, you need to keep in mind that certain airlines might have restrictions about bringing such an item onboard, as many people pointed out in the comments. Always ask in advance. 

Gawn confirmed that Air Canada allowed them to use the blow-up pillow, just not during take-off and landing. Others were concerned about the work of pumping up a blow-up pillow, but Gawn noted that it comes with a pump and takes just a couple of minutes to inflate, so it's a relatively simple procedure.