Think Twice Before Trying This Viral TikTok Hack For Avoiding Excess Baggage Fees

We're all invested in finding ways to cut costs while traveling, especially when it comes to baggage fees. Tips and tricks shared by other travelers can be invaluable as we find ways to pack smarter, lighter, and more creatively. Social media sites like TikTok can be a treasure trove of ideas for how to pack better. We discovered one brilliant TikTok hack that shows how to use a travel pillow as additional storage. Amazing. There's another fabulous TikTok tip about traveling with toddlers that makes airport commuting a breeze. Traveling can be stressful, so we're willing to seek out any hacks that help!

However, once in a while, these viral travel hacks go a little off course. This was certainly the case with the viral TikTok video of a young woman who pretended to be pregnant, using her extra carry-on bag to create the faux baby bump. But this isn't the best hack to try for multiple reasons.

A TikTok star makes a baby bump out of her second carry-on bag

TikTok personality Ashlin, who goes by @miniadvantures online, shared a video that went viral thanks to her unorthodox packing hack. While tucking a drawstring bag around her shoulders in the bathroom, her screen caption read: "When you get a $44 flight but can only bring a backpack." She then secured the drawstring bag on the front of her torso and pulled her sweatshirt over it, making her second bag look like a pregnancy bump.

People wanted to know how Ashlin got through security with her bag under her sweatshirt, but she pointed out that security isn't responsible for restricting bag quantities. She kept her bag out in the open when she went through security and put it under her hoodie once she was at her gate.

The comment section was full of praise for Ashlin's creative idea. "I'm a flight attendant this is the best so far!!!" someone wrote. Another made a joke, "Tell me you fly Spirit without telling me you fly Spirit." After someone wrote that they were going to try this, Ashlin commented, "It looked super real honestly. I don't think anyone was wondering about it. Unless the saw me go into the bathroom normal & come out with a baby bump." While it's an unexpected way to sneak on an extra bag, it's not the best idea.

This TikTok travel hack is actually illegal

There are a few reasons why it's best to skip this fake pregnancy travel hack. Namely, faking a pregnancy is actually illegal. While you might feel like it's a small loophole from excess baggage fees, it can lead to bigger problems if you get caught. Spirit, the famously economical airline in the United States, charges around $50 to $65 for a carry-on bag. While this isn't cheap, it's not worth breaking the law over.

Besides the legality issue, airport security could have issues with the situation if you're discovered. As any traveler knows, security in an airport is of the utmost importance, and they don't treat it lightly. So messing around with fake pregnancy bumps is certainly something that would create suspicion. Of course, gate security agents might not notice, but other pre-boarding passengers might and report the unusual incident. While we're in total support of packing hacks, we might skip this one!