Make Traveling With Toddlers Even Easier With TikTok's Latest Luggage Hack

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Traveling with toddlers is no joke. You've got to navigate the mobility of tiny legs, temper tantrums, and exhaustion. Travel can be hard for adults, so these challenges are only compounded with a little one. There's a reason why parents seek out so many travel hacks and tips when venturing off with a toddler. 

We have discussed tips for road-tripping with your toddler and explored packing guides for their first cruise. We also didn't leave out parents getting ready to fly for the first time with their lap child and offered critical advice about the mistakes to avoid when flying with small children

Thankfully, parents are in this together and willing to share whatever tips and hacks they pick up along the way. That's why the newest viral TikTok hack for traveling with toddlers is so popular. TikToker @camillesmiith shared her luggage discovery that made life easier when navigating airport terminals with her little one.

Ride-on suitcases are a game changer

TikToker Camille Smith shared a video with her toddler in an airport terminal. She picks up her daughter and places her in an ingenious booster seat-like top attached to her suitcase. "Parents, this is a game changer for real when it comes to traveling with toddlers!" she captioned the video. Her suitcase of choice is the MiaMily luggage Carry On 20", which retails for $369.00. It features a foldable top designed as a seat for both toddlers and adults — or a spot for carry-on bags. It can hold up to 220 pounds and includes a safety belt.

While this is the brand she suggested, several incredible ride-on suitcases are available for kids. The Trunki suitcase has an attachable strap at the front, so an adult can easily pull a toddler. That retails for $79.99. There's also the Lugabug travel suitcase, costing $47.50, with a fold-out seat for kids to take a load off while parents pull them along. This option is great because you can tilt the suitcase while you wheel it, arguably in a more natural position for moving this bag type, and the toddler remains safely attached. 

Lastly, the Jetkids by Stokke BedBox also typically retails for $229. It acts as a transportation device and becomes a bed for toddlers on the plane. Indeed, there are several options and budget ranges for curious parents.

What to be mindful of with this toddler travel hack

Proponents were all over Camille Smith's travel hack, but some people were also worried about toddlers falling off the MiaMily suitcase, especially since this version had to be pulled upright. "Imma be honest, I'd automatically go to tilting the luggage and I feel like my kid would fall off," a parent wrote in the comments. In fact, the biggest concern seemed to be parents' lack of coordination. "Cool but I'm clumsy I would knock my kid over," another worried. "The way I'm always dropping my luggage, I can't," someone else wrote. 

However, Smith was quick to address these concerns. She admitted that once, she almost knocked her toddler over, but they quickly got the hang of it. If seat belt straps are available, you'd definitely want to use those. If there aren't any, make sure your toddler is old enough to avoid toppling off.

If the upright pull concerns you, other options that allow the person to tilt the suitcase, like the Lugabug Travel Seat, are great. Or you can use the ride-on luggage with attachable straps.