Make Packing For Your Next Trip A Breeze With This Helpful Tool

Packing for a trip involves essential items, but many travelers struggle to limit their packing to just those items. Bringing along "just in case" items can mean more luggage, which might not be too much of an issue when road-tripping or RV-ing. However, too many bags can make it harder to travel via flight because of the extra costs associated with checked luggage. Additionally, checked luggage can get lost while carry-on bags stay with you on the flight.

The number of items that you pack to take on a trip is one thing, but it's another thing to arrive at your destination without the items that you need. Of course, you can make a checklist, but perhaps harnessing the power of the smartphone can help you remember all of your essentials. It could also help you include items that may come in handy for your specific destinations. As the common saying goes: there's an app for that. It is called PackPoint.

PackPoint can make personalized packing checklists

PackPoint is an app that can help you pack for any trip based on the weather conditions at your destinations, your planned activities, and the length of your trip. It is user-friendly as well — once you enter the aforementioned information from your itinerary, PackPoint can offer a customized list of items to pack in your suitcase. How can this come in handy? No one wants to arrive at the beach only to realize that your swimsuit is back at home. PackPoint will notice that you have swimming on your list of activities and add a swimsuit to your packing list. PackPoint will also find weather predictions for your destination and the time frame of your trip. This could mean throwing an umbrella into your suitcase.

Though PackPoint is a free app, a one-time payment of $3 will give some extra features. PackPoint Premium allows you to share your packing list with others and can link up with TripIt, a trip planning and flight tracking app. Either way, PackPoint is found in app stores for both iOS and Android devices.

PackPoint is one of many packing apps

PackPoint is one of a handful of packing apps. Other apps like Packing Pro and Packr offer customizations and features that PackPoint does not. Available in the Apple App Store for $2.99, Packing Pro works well for people traveling solo or with others as it can make lists for several people. You can add photos to these lists and share them via email or with Apple's AirDrop. It can also tailor your packing list for business trips or even military deployments.

Similar to PackPoint, Packr Travel Packing List is a free app, but its premium version unlocks more features like the ability to share your packing list with other travelers. It also has Family Mode to make a packing list for multiple family members. Packr is unique in that when entering your trip details like activities and destination, you can enter multiple destinations for one trip. Like Packing Pro, Packr is only available for Apple products. Given the amount of packing assistant apps, it is best to check out the features of more than one app before deciding what fits your traveling most.