Make Sleeping In Your Car On A Road Trip Easier With DIY Curtains

Sleeping in your car during a road trip is a budget-friendly alternative to paying for a hotel and requires less time and effort than pitching up a tent at a campsite. So, it's no wonder many people choose to sleep in their cars. However, one concern car campers often have with sleeping in their cars is the lack of privacy. If you've ever stayed awake at night in your car finding it hard to doze off because you're anxious about the possibility of strangers peeking inside while you sleep, you're not alone. So, the first thing you're most likely to look for are private spaces where you can slumber in peace.

If that's not an option, though, the next best thing you can do is attach some curtains to the windows of your car to provide some privacy when you snooze. Privacy curtains, especially those made from blackout fabric, can also deter light from seeping into the vehicle. What's more, they're customizable and you can make them without breaking the bank.

DIY privacy curtain options

There are many ways you can create a DIY curtain to maintain your privacy while you sleep in your car during a road trip. It could be as easy as getting some binder clips and blankets, or you could get a bit more technical with curtain rods. It all depends on your budget, skills, and preferences.

You can use reflective window insulation, like Reflectix. This product comes in different sizes, but you can always just cut a big roll into the correct size and shape in order to fit your car window perfectly. In addition to being an easy privacy curtain, it can also provide insulation from hot and cold temperatures. However, it's not that pretty to look at (though you can cover it with some nice fabric), it's hard to store, and you have to deal with condensation.

Another alternative is to use rope or string tied to the grab handles and fabric with holes or grommets. If you don't like the look of ropes hanging inside your car, you could use Velcro and magnets instead. Cut your fabric to size and attach Velcro or magnets to the window frame and your curtain.

How to pick the right privacy curtain for you

With so many options to choose from, it can be hard to select which one to create. There's also the matter of price. You can do this project for free by reusing fabric or textile you may have lying around, or you can go and buy new material. You should also consider the weight of the fabric, as heavier fabrics will require some heavy-duty rods.

But, aside from your budget, you should also consider the way the curtains look, how much time you have to make them, and if you'll need a sewing machine to complete the project. If you're more interested in function than aesthetics, then looks will not bother you. But if you derive pleasure in beautiful things, you should carefully consider the setup, fabric, and style of your privacy curtain, especially if you'll be on the road for a while. It can be irritating to have to look at something that isn't bringing you joy. In the end, if it works well and makes you happy, then you picked the right privacy curtain for your road trip.