Repurpose Your Toothbrush Holder To Perfectly Pack Charging Cords

There are so many things to consider when packing. For one, you don't want to overstuff your bag, lest it doesn't close or you get charged for exceeding airline weight limits. This means it's useful to research packing hacks to keep things minimal. One good idea is to create a capsule wardrobe and pack interchangeable items that can create several looks. Also, rethink shoes, and how many you need. Typically, three pairs of shoes are all you need: two comfortable pairs for walking, like running shoes and good sandals, and one dressier type.

There are other hacks to maximize space while packing, too, particularly when packing smaller items. Use old glasses cases for compartmentalizing smaller items that you'll want to keep together, like jewelry in one and mints and gum in another. Empty Tic Tac containers are another easy way to organize smaller items you might need, like bobby pins or a quick sewing kit in order to keep things within easy reach. In this vein, extra toothbrush holders can work wonders when packing charging cords that you need to grab but want to keep from getting tangled.

How a toothbrush container can keep your cords organized

Extra toothbrush holders, the kind you can find at the dollar store, work really well as storage compartments for small, finicky items like charging cords. And since these can get tangled so quickly when thrown into luggage, it's extra helpful to store them separately from the bulk of your travel items. Simply wrap your charging cords tightly and slide them into the travel toothbrush holder to keep them secure and compact. Since toothbrush holders come with a lid, the cords won't slip out or move around. Once you arrive, you can easily grab the container and take out the cords you need.

Travel toothbrush holders are also convenient for other items you might need but don't want to get lost in the mix. Keep one in your carry-on bag or purse to store pens and pencils. You can also use them to store thin makeup brushes, as well as hair supplies like hair bands and bobby pins, to keep those smaller items in one container. That way, you have everything organized by theme and can reach for what you need without rooting through your entire suitcase.