Create The Ultimate Packing Tool With An Empty Tic Tac Container

Getting out and traveling is a sure way to open up new horizons for yourself. Grabbing your suitcase and making plans to explore new places can be a thrill. However, travel is inevitably an experience that also requires packing, and that's something far fewer adventurers look forward to. Anytime you can introduce a convenient tool or strategy into your lineup that makes packing easier, it's always worth considering.

That's where the unassuming yet extremely helpful empty Tic Tac container comes in. It's hard to imagine that something so simple could make such a difference when it comes to organizing and streamlining your packing process, but it's true. Whether you're taking the train, flying, cruising, or making the most of a road trip, this simple product can offer up some helpful packing options. These containers are especially useful if you're packing hair care products like bobby pins in your suitcase or carry-on. These small items have a way of seemingly growing legs and walking to all corners of your luggage or disappearing entirely in transit.

The good news is, you can eliminate this frustration by stacking bobby pins neatly and securely in a single Tic Tac container. Because the container is clear and small, it's an ideal packing option for airport security lines. It also makes bobby pins easier to locate in a packed purse or carry-on.

Keep jewelry accessible and tangle-free

Tic Tac breath mints aren't hard to come by and continue to be a popular purchase among consumers across the U.S. The team at Statista compiled some impressive numbers showing that on average, nearly 9 million Americans consume five containers of Tic Tacs each month. That's quite a few empty containers that could be repurposed into a great packing tool.

Beyond bobby pins, another great use for an empty Tic Tac container when you're packing is to keep jewelry from disappearing or tangling in your bag. When your journey includes a few dress-up nights and you don't want the added stress of having to search for wayward accessories in your suitcase, this is a quick and simple organization option. The strategy works particularly well if you're looking to make sure you can easily find small stud earrings during your getaway.

It's just as convenient to use an empty Tic Tac container when you want to keep drop earrings from tangling. The same goes for keeping necklaces from becoming one giant, tangled mess in transit. Just place each piece of jewelry into its own empty Tic Tac container, close the top, and be on your way. Being able to see your jewelry through the clear plastic container means you can mix and match pieces and apparel without ever having to take it out before deciding what you want to wear.

An easy answer for buttons, Q-tips, and cords

Embracing unexpected adventures when traveling is always recommended. However, being prepared for scenarios such as a lost shirt button or a rip in a favorite shirt is advisable too. Luckily, an empty Tic Tac container works wonders as a travel sewing kit. Tic Tac containers are the perfect size for holding needles, extra buttons, thread, and miniature scissors. It can be nice to know you have everything you need ready to go when small repairs are required far from home. Having a DIY travel sewing kit can also save you from having to spend money on sewing supplies while adventuring.

These containers are also convenient for packing basic items such as eye shadow applicators and Q-tips. Oftentimes, these are products you need for your journey, but you don't necessarily want to pack an entire case in your luggage. With an empty Tic Tac container, you can easily pack the essential few and be able to access them quickly when they're needed.

If you're looking for a way to keep earphone cords from tangling while you're flying or enjoying a road trip, a Tic Tac container can be used for this as well. The cord fits seamlessly into the container while the earbuds can be propped up under the container lid for safekeeping. If you're road-tripping with little ones, decorating the container with colorful tape or stickers is a built-in craft project to keep busy minds occupied.