Repurpose Your Old Glasses Case Into The Ultimate Packing Tool

Sometimes, the most challenging things to pack are the small ones. You don't want to toss tiny and easy-to-lose items unrestrained in a cavernous bag and risk them getting lost. Or worse, forgotten in a zipped pocket only to be discovered as you unpack at home. This hack of repurposing your old eyeglass case into the ultimate packing tool is a tried-and-true favorite. It's sure to keep travel items, like adaptors and jewelry, expertly organized. 

We all know packing can often be the most challenging part of a travel experience. But after knowing what you need and how to place items, it gets easier with practice. Once you have some fail-proof packing hacks in your repertoire, it may even become one of your easiest tasks before you hit the road, catch your flight, or toss on your backpack for the ultimate rail experience. We're certain that giving your old hardshell glasses case a new life for small items can make packing easier

Getting organized

Hard eyeglass cases are an easy yes when repurposing for packing. You can even think of them as a mini trunk, as the protective outside can keep items from getting crushed, and the self-closure keeps things from falling out. They are also the ideal size to corral small items together or fold in single cords that you want to keep safe. They also easily fit into inside and outside pockets, helping you use every square inch of packing space.

When available, you can use multiple cases to segment your suitcase. We suggest you group items in the same categories. For example, you can place earrings, bracelets, and necklaces in one case that you can keep on your person — avoid putting jewelry in checked-in bags. You can group adaptors and earbuds in another eyeglass case. The cases are also great for small edible items like gum, mints, and candy for easy get-to snacking in flight. 

Staying stress-free

Of course, traditional travel pouches also get the job done. But they can be expensive, and even world travelers usually have a limited amount. Repurposing eyeglass cases can save money and is a great way to recycle. You can also try soft eyeglass cases. They don't offer the same protection but can accommodate more shapes and are ideal for keeping a single pair of hosiery snag-free. They're also a good container for small kids' toys and crafting project materials that can be great for backseat on-the-road activities. Journalers can use them to gather and keep pens handy. And those using film cameras can put rolls inside (just be sure to use X-ray film bags for security screening if headed to the airport). 

Soft eyeglass cases also make terrific containers for souvenirs (like keychains and magnets) you want to bring back to friends and family. Everyone's packing needs vary, but knowing where things are and keeping them organized makes for a universally stress-free traveler.