This UK Amusement Park Is A Must-Visit For Space And Sci-Fi Fans

While a ticket to space may be out of your budget, there's an alternative right here on Earth — and it doesn't involve waiting for a billionaire to make commercial space flights more accessible. The U.K.'s Milky Way Adventure Park is located in Devon County, and it's the perfect spot to experience the magic of space without the astronaut training.

Selected by TripAdvisor readers as one of the "Best of the Best" Amusement Parks and Water Parks in 2023, the award-winning park celebrates all things outer space and sci-fi. With thrilling roller coasters, sci-fi memorabilia exhibitions, and even a sky-high railway ride overlooking the coast, it's a galactic wonderland for fans of space exploration and interstellar stories. Traveling with kids? You're in luck. The park's Little Stars Play Center offers plenty of educational and engaging activities for even the littlest ones to enjoy: from a soft play area to music classes, sensory toys, and more.

Although Milky Way Adventure Park is a bit of a trek if you're staying in London — the drive will take you roughly four hours — there is a direct train to Exeter, in Devon, that can help you avoid driving. Once you're there, the park is located just over an hour away near Clovelly. If your day of traveling to the park has worn you out, this scenic village can be a great spot to kick your feet up before a day of exploring the galaxy.

Get up close and personal with space exploration

Unlike a typical amusement park, every ride at the Milky Way Adventure Park has a space-themed twist, which makes it a go-to destination for visitors passionate about the universe far and beyond. The Cosmic Typhoon roller coaster takes you on a stellar journey that reaches up to 40 mph speeds — making it a great way to play pretend as an astronaut embarking on a space journey. Meanwhile, Ziggy's Blast Quest is an interactive experience where participants can play a crucial role in saving Earth from rogue asteroids and meteors. Move over Bruce Willis — if you've ever dreamed of playing the lead in Armageddon, this is your chance.

But it's not all high-speed action and space missions. The park's Droid Destroyer dodgems — its version of "bumper cars" — allow visitors to engage in a strategic game of crash and dodge as they drive around a large track avoiding the asteroids barreling toward them. Basically, it's the real-world rendition of a space-age video game set in a galaxy far, far away.

And speaking of galaxies far, far away ... the sci-fi memorabilia room is the perfect chance to come face-to-face with characters like Darth Vader, R2-D2, and even Dr. Who's famous TARDIS. An awe-inspiring collection for dedicated sci-fi movie enthusiasts and collectors alike, it showcases an impressive range of artifacts, costumes, and props that bring beloved screen legends to life right before your eyes.

Planning your visit to the Milky Way Adventure Park

Planning a trip to the Milky Way Adventure Park requires some planning. In terms of ticket prices, you can expect to pay around $18 for adults and children 3 to 17, about $10 for children between one and two years old, and about $2.50 for kids one and under. Well-trained dogs are also allowed inside the park for about a $1 fee — in case you've ever wanted Fido to get a taste for the interstellar, too.

When it comes to opening times, the park's operating hours vary with the seasons. Generally, from April to October — during school holidays — the gates are open daily from 10 AM to 5 PM. Come winter — from November to March — the park keeps its doors open solely on weekends and through Christmas break. Make sure you check out the official website for details on opening times and which rides are operational.

Whether you're a sci-fi aficionado looking for a space escapade or a family ready to embark on an out-of-this-world experience, the Milky Way Adventure Park promises a galactic adventure that's sure to create memories as vast as the cosmos itself. And who knows? You might just find these are exactly the droids — and the memories — you're looking for.