How To Use Cotton Pads To Easily Get Beauty Products Through TSA

Navigating airport security with your beauty products may seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be. The airport is already hectic on travel days, so when you are traveling, you shouldn't have to compromise your routine. Being limited to a small quart-sized bag for all your essential products during amazing trips is not ideal. However, there's good news. Despite TSA's specific rules regarding liquids in carry-ons, this new hack will allow you to smoothly get through TSA with your favorite everyday products. 

"How?" you ask. Simply pre-soak cotton pads with your liquid products to eliminate any inconvenience TSA can cause. This simple trick helps you adhere to all TSA standards and frees up space in your packing. It is as easy as pouring your liquid products onto cotton pads and placing them in plastic bags. TSA will allow these through security without any hassle. 

Plus, your bulky bottles are now condensed into cotton pads with the product ready to go, saving you space and weight in your luggage. No more discarding your beloved makeup items before an exciting journey. You can now travel and keep your beauty routine intact, making your trips more enjoyable. So, say goodbye to the stress of airport security and hello to a hassle-free travel experience!

How it works

A viral video on TikTok from creator Emily McKeon, @emilymckeonfit, shared this sneaky tip for bringing her beauty products on the plane. The video shows her pouring eye makeup remover and face wash over cotton pads in Ziploc bags. She then proceeds to close the bag and seal it tight, thus keeping the product from drying out. Here are the step-by-step instructions: Acquire a sealable plastic bag, place the cotton pads in the bag, pour your desired product onto the pads, and securely seal the bag.

The hack works because the pre-soaked pads won't look like a liquid through the TSA machine, allowing you to take them through easily. This is super useful for traveling because you can now use the pre-soaked pads that already have the product on them instead of packing the entire bottle. With the hashtags "travel hack" and "travel tips," there are tons of fun videos of creators sharing their packing strategies. Some share ideas, such as using smaller containers and switching for solids, but this makeup tip will let you keep using your favorite at-home products.

TSA standards

Security agents do not care how expensive or rare your products are, so this hack will make sure you get through security untouched. TSA has what is known as the 3-1-1 rule, which says you are allowed 3.4 ounces of liquid or less held in a quart-sized container and one bag per passenger. Technically, any container holding over 3.4 ounces can be confiscated by TSA, even if there are 3.4 ounces of liquid or less in the container. 

This only applies to carry-on bags, so for checked bags, there are different and more relaxed standards regarding liquid sizes. Planning and packing any other essentials in a checked bag is encouraged because there is no need to push the limits of TSA. But overall, traveling with your beauty products does not have to be difficult, especially regarding TSA regulations. This cotton pad hack can help you stay within the guidelines and comply with the liquid limit to bring whatever products you need.

Other perks

This hack doesn't only have to relate to makeup products. It can work for face wash, micellar water, toner, or any other liquid product applied with a cotton pad. Keeping liquids in a plastic bag with cotton pads can allow you to sanitarily store your product and keep it from getting contaminated by other things in your carry-on. Also, this is easily disposable. At the end of the trip, you can throw away the bag, freeing up even more space. 

Having products in your carry-on allows you to access it in flight for any skincare needs. Keeping a sheet mask with you for in-flight comfort is what some influencers suggest because, let's face it, skincare is essential for long flights. There are many other ideas on efficiently packing makeup for your next trip, which you can find online and through TikTok. Ultimately, there should be no hassle when trying to keep up with your daily routine.