Celebrate Christmas Almost All Year Long At This US Amusement Park

For some, Christmas is a once-a-year occurrence that happens exclusively in December. However, those with a heart for above-and-beyond Christmas celebrations, and who want to extend the holiday magic further into the calendar year, have a great opportunity to do so in Colorado. This is where Christmas revelers can make the most of holiday fun nearly all year long at The North Pole-Santa's Workshop.

Situated at the foot of scenic Pikes Peak, The North Pole-Santa's Workshop is a truly unique Colorado Springs amusement park that keeps holiday festivities and fun in full force no matter the season or weather. Typically open from May through December, the park started its 2023 season on May 20 and will continue to operate through Christmas Eve. This gives guests with a passion for theme parks plenty of time to access the Christmas-focused fun in perfect North Pole style whenever the mood strikes.

The North Pole-Santa's Workshop is a family-friendly destination that's located at an impressive 7,500 feet above sea level. This means visitors can enjoy sweeping views from the park of the greater Pikes Peak region and Colorado Springs as well. It also ensures there's plenty of crisp mountain air to savor, giving you those North Pole vibes even if you head this way long before the snow falls.

A legacy of dedication to the Christmas spirit

The North Pole-Santa's Workshop has been delighting Christmas enthusiasts since it first opened to the public in 1956. It was designed by Arto Monaco, well-known for his work as a Walt Disney artist, and aimed to bring the fantasy of Santa's workshop and village to life for visitors. By 1958, the park began offering rides in addition to souvenir shops, workshops, a blacksmith shop, reindeer barns, Mr. and Mrs. Claus's house, and other attractions.

After 67 years in operation, the park's popularity continues to thrive, in large part thanks to its commitment to Christmas authenticity. There are certainly more shops and rides now than there were in 1956, but the vast majority of the buildings on-site are original construction. The overall aesthetic of the park also remains refreshingly true to the nostalgic Christmas atmosphere originally put forward by Monaco. The park's unwavering dedication to giving guests a reason to celebrate Christmas for two-thirds of the year is indicated right in its rain-or-shine policy, with guests invited to the park whether that requires a raincoat, sunscreen, or a winter parka.

Magical holiday-inspired moments to enjoy

At The North Pole-Santa's Workshop, guests have access to more than two dozen rides, including both modern attractions and restored vintage rides. This means there's always something for everyone to enjoy.

One iconic and easy-to-view ride is the towering red and white striped Peppermint Slide. Guests can grab a burlap sack, climb the staircase to the top and slide down this eye-catching attraction. Another fan favorite is the Giant Wheel, which has been turning since 1967. You also won't want to miss out on the vintage carousel dating back to 1919, or the more recently added zipline known as Santa's Sleigh Ride.

When you've had your fill of rides, head over to Santa's Village where you can browse souvenirs at the year-round Christmas shop, purchase toys or try homemade fudge. There's also an arcade, a glassblowing studio, and a fun elf and magic show. Kids will love visiting with Santa himself at his North Pole cabin and there's a post office where visitors can send postcards and letters to loved ones back home, postmarked from the North Pole.

A trip to the park comes with free admission, with the exclusion of ride tickets. If your plans bring you this way during the peak holiday season, keep in mind that a reservation will be required. That said, the holiday spirit is sure to be in full force and ready to be enjoyed no matter when you arrive.