Transylvania Is Home To Salina Turda, One Of The World's Most Unique Underground Theme Parks

For some adventurers, it's not enough to check popular tourist destinations off the bucket list. Whether it's a ghost tour or a walk through a castle with a dark past, there are those who long to have experiences that come with a certain amount of mystery. For these explorers, Transylvania tends to be a tantalizing travel destination.

Bordered by the Carpathian Mountains in Romania, Transylvania has a whimsical, if not slightly macabre reputation among travelers. According to Romania Tourism, it's home to just over 5 million residents. Ask a Bram Stoker fan, however, and they might point out that vampire lore makes the number much higher when potential supernatural creatures are included.

Transylvania's many well-preserved medieval towns give it an alluring and richly historic aesthetic. According to Business Insider, Bran Castle, which inspired Bram Stoker's "Dracula," welcomes no less than half a million visitors annually. Other Transylvania stops that draw in visitors looking for something exceptionally different to discover include Rasnov Fortress, Corvin Castle, and Sibiu's Liar's Bridge. According to Imperial Transylvania, this landmark has long been believed to have the power to creak when a pedestrian is less than honest while crossing.

While Transylvania has a way of showcasing supernatural stops above ground, it also hosts uniquely appealing stops below the surface. Visitors who are looking to travel to subterranean levels in the name of adventure will find exactly what they're looking for here. That's because Transylvania houses an underground theme park where mystical moments and amusement-style fun collide.

A salt mine theme park designed to thrill and heal

Modern amusements and rich history come together at the Salina Turda salt mine. According to the Salina Turda history page, this particular salt mine is believed to date back to the time when Rome occupied the region. Transylvania was known as Potaissa during this period, but modern records of salt mining at the site lean closer to the 11th century.

Atlas Obscura reports that before Salina Turda ever hosted its modern, underground theme park, it played an important role as a bomb shelter during World War II. After the war's end, the mine's location and vast dimensions would prove perfect for something entirely new. Located a little less than 400 feet below the surface, this salt mine became the ideal place to establish a unique Transylvania tourist attraction.

The theme park is certainly a fun highlight for visitors, but a stop here is also believed by many to have incredible health benefits. The American Lung Association reports that salt therapy has been a health trend since 1843. It's also a reason many Salina Turda theme park visitors pair their visit with the hopes of improved health.

According to the Salina Turda health benefits page, time spent in the salt mine is alleged to improve visitor respiratory processes. Salt particles are thought to remove toxins from the body and improve digestion over time. Many visitors also come to see if time in the mine will improve their immune systems.

Attractions to enjoy at Salina Turda

Beyond the healing benefits, there's plenty of adrenaline-pumping fun to be found within Salina Turda too. According to the Salina Turda theme park website, this destination is designed for visitors of all ages to enjoy. Those arriving with little ones will find the playground at the theme park includes small slides as well as miniature basketball backboards.

Older kids and adults can enjoy time on the thrilling panoramic underground wheel. The website states it's the only one of its kind in the world located underground. The Salina Turda underground theme park doesn't have any roller coasters to its name, but it makes up for it with wheel views offering a closer look at the shimmering cavern walls from above.

Those who are looking for friendly competition during their Salina Turda visit will love that this theme park hosts mini golf, bowling lanes, table tennis, and billiards. There's even a sports field where guests can play a game of badminton or handball. When visitors are ready to relax, a row boat ride on the underground lake is a great choice.

According to Metro, the theme park welcomes more than 600,000 visitors annually. Whether they're playing table tennis, riding the wheel, or enjoying a movie screening at the park's 180-seat amphitheater, Salina Turda is an unforgettable experience. This underground theme park takes Transylvania's unique stops to a new level and adventure seekers with their eyes on the unusual wouldn't have it any other way.