The Not-So-Fashionable Clothing Item That Will Save You From Excess Luggage Fees

Traveling can be such an exhilarating experience, but there is one thing that can potentially dampen the excitement — excess luggage fees. Packing itself is stressful enough, and with airlines now adding extra carry-on fees, deciding what's worth bringing can be quite a challenge. The last thing you want when embarking on an amazing adventure is to be preoccupied with the fear of not having exactly what you need, all while trying not to spend a fortune on bags alone. But don't worry, there are plenty of ways to get around these fees; it just takes some creativity. 

This not-so-fashionable hero can save you money and energy from lugging around a heavy suitcase; it just may get some people to think you are going out to the lake. You guessed it, the fishing vest. It possesses the powerful ability to store all your carry-on needs while not counting as an extra carry-on bag. This works perfectly when cheap airline tickets incur hefty charges for additional bags. This hack may sound crazy, but with airline luggage prices skyrocketing, wearing a fishing vest might be a good way to pack your essentials. 

We aren't going fishing

In a viral TikTok from creator @cheapholidayexpert, Chelsea puts a fishing vest to the carry-on test. Instead of paying extra for a carry-on, before the flight, this influencer bought a fishing vest from Amazon and proceeded to fill it with all her travel essentials. This included everything from passports to a speaker, and get this, even a laptop! Since crossbody bags and fanny packs are now considered and counted as personal items, people are getting creative with this onboarding rule. 

But with this fishing vest, Chelsea was not skeptical about whether this would pass the gate attendants because pockets are allowed. As the influencer walked onto the plane with every essential within reach, she became ecstatic because of the money she had saved while looking a little goofy. The comments on the video mentioned that once bags were checked in the overhead compartments, the vest was placed there, too, giving her optimal space for the flight. 

Outrageous bag prices

Airline fees have been increasing over the years, and a number of airlines now charge a fee for a carry-on bag. You get a personal item but must pay for a carry-on or a checked bag if you wish to bring one. Basically, you pay for anything that doesn't fit in the seat in front of you. For travelers, this only makes the trip more expensive. 

On less popular airlines, it may look like a steal with the low price for the plane ticket; however, add up all the extra fees, and it is the same or more expensive than other airlines. Though most baggage fees vary, prices can get extremely high over time. Take Spirit, for example; a carry-on can cost up to $99 when checking bags at the gate. Travelers get very upset when faced with this price as they board the plane, yet they need their bags to accompany them. 

So, with this, people have undeniably thought of ways to avoid baggage fees. Some squeeze everything into one carry-on, and others wear multiple layers of clothing, like bigger jackets and hats, to free up space in their bags. Though this can work, it may not be practical or suitable for every trip. That's why this new hack is meant to avoid all these pesky problems and allow you to focus on your journey.

Airport fashion

With people wearing anything and everything to the airport these days, a fishing vest is nothing out of the ordinary. Some ideas in the comments of the popular TikTok suggest using cargo pants as a more fashionable approach to this hack. The key to packing light is using all available space to the maximum. Cargo pants also have tons of open pocket space, just like a fishing vest, but they can be considered cuter. Other suggestions included baggy pants with massive deep pockets that can be easy to find. Though these may not be the most glamorous items, they do the job efficiently. 

Since this TikTok went viral, other creators decided to test it out and reported that this hack also worked for them. To try it for yourself, all you need to ask is if it is worth it to wear a fishing vest on the plane so that you don't have to pay for a carry-on bag. Your answer could help you save or lose money.