The Safest City To Drive Through On Your Next Road Trip Isn't What You'd Expect

When you're road-tripping, you'll have a variety of experiences, including good and bad drivers. While some cities are notorious for, let's just say, not being the friendliest behind the wheel, others are not only high on courtesy but safety as well. Those who think Boston drivers aren't top-notch may be doing a mea culpa. According to 2023 findings by the U.S. News & World Report, Boston ranks as the No. 1 safest U.S. city for driving, as well as acing all accidents, DUI arrests, and auto theft assessments. Good news all around for Beantown, as well as travelers navigating New England's largest city's roads. Boston outranks big city rival New York City, coming in at the No. 2 slot. 

Curious about the other end of the spectrum? Sorry, Memphis. The Southern city ranks as the No. 1 least safe U.S. city for driving, earning its "most dangerous" title due to fatal accidents and crashes. With its coveted placement on the safety list, it's no surprise Boston has held its own Safest Driver competition in past years, an idea that hopefully spreads across the U.S. to keep all travelers as safe as possible as they embark on journeys. 

Safety on your side

Road trips require planning (from packing your car to preparing for emergencies), and knowing what to expect on the roads you traverse is key. While safety rankings don't guarantee a smooth ride, they can be an indicator of what to expect when you hit the road. Whether you're headed for a weekend escape to Cape Cod or hitting the sites in Washington, D.C., navigating Boston's roads statistically is the best in the country, and that can give travelers peace of mind when planning a route. 

The safest-ranking award extends to when you park your vehicle in Boston. The city comes in last for stolen cars, making it a good choice to park and visit one of the metropolis' celebrated art museums, including the Isabella Steward Gardner Museum and the Museum of Fine Arts, as well as historical sites, such as the Old State House Museum and the Paul Revere House. 

Other factors to keep in mind

You always want to cover all your bases when planning travel, especially when it comes to a road trip. While your dream trip might have you envisioning yourself as the only car on the road, even with its highest safety ranking, Boston comes in heavy on the traffic. Road and tunnel closures contribute to the daily urban traffic mix, which has helped place Boston as the second-worst city for traffic. Getting updates and using apps such as Google Maps and Waze can help you avoid the snarls as best as possible and keep behind-the-wheel frustrations at bay.

Notorious New England winter weather is also part of the safe-travel puzzle. Icy roads and massive snowstorms not only slow things down but also make defensive driving and safe road planning a must. Keeping tabs on forecasts and mapping your route accordingly can put you ahead of the game as you navigate America's safest city for driving.