Why Cross-Checking Your Vacation Rentals On Booking Sites Can Easily Save You Money

Once upon a time, it was fair for travelers to assume that hotels were the only option available during trip planning. Whether you were traveling for business or pleasure, finding and booking the ideal hotel room to pair with your stay was an integral part of the process. These days, the hospitality landscape looks quite different as vacation rentals have made their way to the forefront of the travel industry.

The growth statistics for the industry alone are impressive. According to HotelTechReport, the vacation rental industry in the U.S. is on track to reach around $20 billion by 2025. By the same year, it's estimated that nearly one in every five people heading out in the name of travel will have stayed at a vacation rental as part of their experience.

With more vacation rentals being booked than ever before, it's important for travelers to know how to find the best deals on their accommodations. A little industry insight goes a long way when it comes to finding and securing budget-friendly options on the specific vacation rental you've got your eye on. Cross-checking your vacation rental across multiple booking sites is a simple and smart way to keep money in your wallet the next time your plans include a stay in a vacation rental.

Online advertising fees make a difference

A search online for a vacation rental typically brings up a vast number of options for travelers. Statista projects that up to 75% of vacation rental sales will be generated exclusively online by 2027. Chances are, some of your top hits are going to include listings across major platforms like Airbnb, Vrbo, Booking.com, and TripAdvisor.

As you search, it's important to know that the most appealing price you come across on one booking site might not actually be the best available. This is because vacation rental hosts are faced with some unique revenue hurdles in the industry. These often come in the form of various fees associated with the advertising booking site. To appeal to many guests while avoiding fees with a single booking site, hosts might choose to advertise the same property across multiple platforms. On booking sites that require a smaller posting fee, the same property can often be found listed for less. Not to worry, nothing has changed with the property at all except the price. 

These variations can be a huge advantage to travelers who are willing to dig in and compare booking sites. Other host fees that could affect the price you see online for the same property can include general service fees or even cleaning fees in some cases. No matter what the driving factor may be, looking for that property you love across many booking sites is a good way to get a better deal.

Consider the advantages of property management companies

When a vacation rental is listed on many sites, the prospect of tracking down the best deal can seem daunting. The good news is, cross-checking doesn't have to be difficult. Travelers can simply use Google's reverse image search function to get their eyes on a comprehensive listing of sites that have that property's image and inevitably, varying price points. It's as simple as dragging and dropping the property image into the toolbar and waiting to see what comes up.

Another important industry detail to keep in mind when you're looking for a better price on a vacation rental is that many hosts aren't managing rentals independently, but working with a property management company instead. These professionals handle everything concerning the rental from initial home evaluations and cleaning to maintenance, booking, concierge services, and guest inquiries too. When you're in the process of cross-checking booking sites, it's often worth your while to move away from larger advertising platforms and book directly through the property's specific management team if at all possible.

When you choose to book a vacation rental directly through a property management company, you'll enjoy the benefit of skipping many of the traditional fees and in some cases, can save up to 15%. Vacation rental management companies are also known for having special deals and discounts available that are exclusively provided to guests who book directly through them. From the personalized service to the better price, it's an opportunity worth looking into.