How Being Flexible With Your Airbnb Booking Can Help You Save

Here is the ultimate trick to saving money on your next vacation and making your Type A loved ones crazy: Be more flexible. Whether you're booking an airplane ticket for 6 a.m. on a Wednesday or searching for a great restaurant outside the popular tourist areas, oftentimes the best ways to save a buck involve us travelers handing over the reins to fate, the universe, or whatever. The same goes for booking an Airbnb. Flexibility is key. While there can be some drawbacks to using this platform, generally, one can find incredible deals on stays if you know where (and how) to look for them.

First and foremost, before we dive into the best ways to find a deal on Airbnb, we suggest adjusting your mindset slightly. While it can seem impossible to find the best deals when working around other people's schedules, work responsibilities, and your own budget, it simply requires creativity.

Consider leaving on a Thursday or Friday and returning on Monday or Tuesday to beat the weekend warriors. Book a flight with a long layover and explore that city while you wait for your next flight. Things like these will generally help you save money on the most expensive parts of your trip: air travel and accommodations. But here are a few more ways to save when booking your next Airbnb stay.

Consider a longer trip to save money on your Airbnb

One of the best ways to save on your next Airbnb stay is by staying put. Yup, no gallivanting to five different locations in seven days. You'll stay right where you are to get a discount. Airbnb hosts often offer their potential guests a discount if they stay for a week or even a month. These discounts, compared to one-night rates, usually average around 32% cheaper per night for seven-night stays and 46% per night for 30-night stays, according to an analysis from NerdWallet.

So, while it's tempting to want to see as much as possible on your next vacation, you're usually better off staying in one place for longer. There are added benefits to this cost-saving strategy besides saving a few bucks, though. By staying in one place longer and doing a bit of slow travel, you can get more out of your trip and even feel less stressed. Learn about the local culture, the best places for fun nightlife, the top coffee spots, and where to get the best version of that local traditional dish you've heard so much about. You'll get to know that area or city better and maybe even begin to feel like a local yourself.

Be flexible with your wants vs. your needs

Vacation is often about indulgence and giving yourself a little break from real life to carry out your dream of waking up next to the Duomo in Florence or being within walking distance of the best restaurants in Mexico City. However, as any seasoned traveler will tell you, there's always a trade-off when you prioritize your wants instead of your needs. Especially when it comes to booking an Airbnb, booking stays in popular areas will cost you a bit more. If sticking to your budget is a priority, this might come as a disappointment but don't get yourself down just yet.

First, be flexible with your filters. Look outside the main tourist areas, and you will often find amazing stays for much less money than in city centers. You'll also find that the local restaurants, bars, and cafes are much more authentic, cheaper, and packed with locals. So you'll really get a feel for the real side of wherever you're staying.

If you must stay in the city center but want to still save money, you will have to sacrifice space, amenities, or sometimes even comfort or quality. However, if you're out all day, maybe these things won't matter as much. Additionally, you'll save time and money on walking, taking public transport, or paying for taxis or rideshares. One thing is certain, though — you can always find a deal if you're willing to be flexible!