Best Places In Maine For Lobster Rolls

Ahh, Maine in the summertime. Salty breezes, long, sunny days, and lobster rolls from a beachside shack. Maine's lobster rolls are legendary, and the scent of buttery goodness wafting through the air is part of the fabric of visiting the state. Finding the best lobster rolls in Maine is like embarking on a mouthwatering adventure; the options are plentiful, and locals will all have their favorite spots.

Lobster rolls are not all made equal, so what are you looking for? The beauty of a Maine lobster roll is in its simplicity: the lobster is the star of the show, so it shouldn't be overpowered by other ingredients. Purists insist that a lobster roll should contain only the meat, a dressing of mayonnaise, and a toasted bread roll. Lettuce is out because it wilts; celery and lemon zest are optional. While you're eating, a picnic bench or Adirondack chair with a view are compulsory.

Where to find the best lobster rolls

Let's start in Portland at Bite Into Maine, a food truck with three locations around the city. The lobster rolls here come recommended by a ton of food journalists, bloggers and local foodies alike. There are lots of options to choose from, including traditional rolls stuffed with meat and wasabi- and curry-flavored rolls. Go to the location in Fort Williams Park for food with a view.

Red's Eats is no hidden gem, but sometimes, places are well-known for a reason, and that holds true for this classic shack in Wiscasset. It calls itself the World's Best Lobster Shack, but to be fair, a lot of other people and publications have given it high praise too, including Phil Rosenthal from "Somebody Feed Phil," USA Today, and CBS. The lobster roll here is served with a side of butter or mayo, so you can take your pick.

We're going to round off this section with another big hitter: McLoons Lobster Shack in South Thomaston. This place is worth the drive north and has garnered stellar reviews from GQ and Maine Eater among others. The lobster is freshly caught locally, the views over the harbor are as picturesque as can be, and the rolls are pretty much perfect.

More bucket list lobster rolls

Lesser known spots in Maine are also serving up some delicious lobster rolls. Redditor sweetishfishmafia in the r/Maine forum recommends Pine Tree Seafood and Produce in Scarborough. Here you can buy prepared lobster rolls or pick up shucked meat to make them yourself.

Local blogger Amy from New England With Love chooses Bob's Clam Hut in Kittery as their top spot. The lobster rolls with butter are rated particularly highly, though rolls with mayo are available too. Bob's has been around since 1956, so it's certainly stood the test of time. Another of Amy's picks is in Bernard, so if you're visiting Acadia National Park or Mount Desert Island, this one's for you. Thurston's Lobster Pound serves up classic rolls with handpicked lobster meat and offers a Lobster BLT if you want to mix it up.

If you've somehow managed to miss everywhere on this list but you're desperate to try a lobster roll before leaving Maine, head to McDonald's. Yes, seriously. McDonald's serves lobster rolls in Maine in the summer. Will it be the best roll of your life? Unless it's your first, that's doubtful. But in a pinch, it'll do.