Here's What You Get With A Disney VIP Tour (That Can Cost Thousands)

A trip to one of the Disney parks in the country is a dream vacation for many families. But all the details and effort that go with planning that outing can derail even the most adept planners out there. Not to mention all the budgeting involved and stretching that dollar to maximize your time at a Disney park. It really can be overwhelming.

Fortunately, Disney offers a VIP tour service that promises to remove the stress of planning for and executing your Disney park holiday, so that you can focus on savoring time spent with family and making lasting memories with everyone. You know, those special moments that you'll keep on talking about for many years to come. Just remember that convenience comes at a price — starts at about $3,000, excluding park tickets and gratuity.

The hefty price tag can stop many people, but the VIP tour service that Disney offers does come with many features and benefits, including some exclusive perks that will amp up your experience at the parks. In any case, it's something true Disney fans should do at least once. Here's what you'll be getting when you purchase Disney's VIP tour package.

Expedited access

Getting in line and waiting for your turn is a major part of visiting any theme park. But with a Disney VIP tour you're going to get in and out of rides and on to the next one quickly. Thanks to Lightning Lane passes that are included in the rate, you'll be skipping the line at every ride you want to ride on. You might wait a short while for popular rides, but there's no limit to how many times you can get on the same ride — something you won't get with a regular Genie+ Lightning Lane pass. So go ahead and ride Space Mountain for the nth time.

Fast-track access to rides and attractions is perhaps the biggest benefit of a Disney VIP tour. With this perk alone, Theme Park Tourist says the 30 minutes they spent in Animal Kingdom could be their best day ever at the park. They finished the tour visiting 16 attractions before lunchtime! With seven to 10 hours required for booking a VIP tour, just imagine the many, many rides you can go on. The time you save from lining up for rides can help you visit several parks in one day.

Plus, the feeling of being taken to the front of the line by your guide will make you feel like a celebrity — true VIP treatment indeed. It's like having the Genie or the fairy godmother doing their magic for you. And, it's a big time-saver too.

Completely customizable

Aside from expedited access to rides and attractions, you can also personalize your Disney VIP tour exactly to your liking. Want more time exploring Magic Kingdom? How about going another round on Avatar Flight of Passage? Or, head straight to Pirates of the Caribbean? Your call! Your tour will be composed of whatever you want to do.

Before your trip, a VIP tour coordinator will help you plan for any dietary needs, special celebrations, and other major considerations you might have, such as having your tour in another language. And once at the park, your tour guide will create a personal or custom Disney park schedule for you and your companions. Just tell them your must-dos and anything else you want. The good thing about this is your schedule is flexible so you can make impromptu decisions and your tour guide will accommodate it.

However, note that meals are not included with the price and you'll have to pay out of pocket for them. This is something you'll have to consider as well as  the fact that sitting down at a restaurant can take some time, especially when you're with a large group. So, it's a good idea to eat your meals before or after the tour. You can always ask your tour guide, who also serves as your concierge, for snacks and water or other beverages anytime you're feeling peckish.

Exclusive experiences

Another benefit of VIP tours is the inside look and other exclusive experiences you'll get during your Disney theme park vacation. For instance, your guide can save you seats at stage shows and nighttime spectaculars. You'll have some of the best spots to view fireworks, parades, etc.

And, remember the sheer number of rides that you'll be able to get on during your tour? Well, this is made possible thanks to your tour guide taking you on a behind-the-scenes route. By joining a VIP tour, you'll get a chance to see cast members at backstage locations as well as other structures and areas that aren't accessible to regular park-goers. You could find yourself in the center of a themed land or gazing up at a ride or attraction from a unique perspective. In short, a VIP tour is your ticket to a sneak peek at how the magic happens in Disney parks — a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

VIP treatment

Disney says you'll be given the royal treatment when you buy its VIP tour, and this is what that looks like. First of all, your tour guide will escort you from your hotel — if you're staying on-site — and lead you to the park. This means you'll skip the usual park transport modes, such as monorails and buses. They will also advise you on the best strategies so you can make the most of your Disney park visit. As you go through the park, your guide will share stories, tips, Easter eggs, and fun facts to keep you entertained throughout the tour. And, you might notice water and snacks waiting for you at VIP drop-off areas, but again, you can always just ask your guide to get them for you anytime during the tour. 

As your concierge, your tour guide will do pretty much anything that you ask them to do. You can enlist their help taking your photos or expect them to hand you a poncho or umbrella when it rains. They can also ride with a child or push your baby's stroller when you get tired. All of this is part of the VIP treatment that adheres to Disney's acclaimed service, resulting in a splendidly magical experience.