The 20 Most Romantic Restaurants To Visit In Italy

Anyone who has ever been to or dreams of going to Italy will tell you that it exudes romance from the toe tip and heel to the cuff of its gorgeous boot-shaped outline. From romantic movies to ancient, historical monuments and alluring Renaissance paintings, Bella Italia is the epitome of amore. So, it will come as no surprise that some of the most romantic restaurants can also be found scattered across this breathtaking country, set in the most magical settings possible. From remarkable hidden gems to upscale locations, we've chosen the 20 most romantic restaurants in Italy just for you!

Ristorante i Portici, Bologna

We start our choice of romantic restaurants in the region known for its gastronomical cuisine: Bologna. Set within a late 19th-century former coffee and singing establishment, the fully renovated and impeccably decorated, Michelin Star, Ristorante i Portici invites diners to experience its intimate setting of ancient frescoes adorning its high, vaulted ceilings, hardwood floors, and contrasting furnishings. Whether you choose to enjoy your romantic cuisine on the ground floor or at one of the more private tables along its indoor terrace on the second floor, the ambiance has that sultry, "Great Gatsby" vibe.

Ristorante, L'Aldilà, Mombaldone, Italy

Set within the ancient, mountain village of Mombaldone in the Province of Asti, sits a hidden gem. In fact, it's so private, unless you live in the area, or have heard about it through the grapevine, it's not something you would find easily. Ristorante L'Aldilà (aka The Afterlife), offers a truly unique experience for its diners: Private rooms with the utmost romantic decor and setting imaginable. Run by a husband and wife team, they treasure their dishes as much as they treasure their guests, and will stop at nothing to create the perfect romantic ambiance for amore.

La Grotta Ristorante, Brisighella

Just east past the Tuscany border, within the region of Emilia-Romagna, lies the beautiful and medieval village of Brisighella, where you'll find green, rolling hills, three fortified ancient towers, hidden alleyways, caves, and the famous 14th-century walkway: Via degli Asini. It is here, that the unique, historic, and romantic restaurant, La Grotta (The Cave) is nestled. With a welcoming and cozy entrance, this evocative restaurant of solid stone affords an ethereal and alluring atmosphere that imbues both intimacy and class, perfect for that romantic dinner for two.

Palazzo Torriani, Marradi

A grand, 17th-century fireplace surrounded by antiques and treasures, romantic candles alight, and a dining room table fit for a king and queen. A stunning courtyard framed in stone and arches, with outdoor dining tables, and chairs across its surface. The setting warm and inviting, yet, it's not a typical restaurant. Enter, Palazzo Torriani. This 500-year-old palace passed down through the generations exudes both elegance and stature and provides an intimate, and romantic setting for those celebrating a special occasion or a private, romantic moment with the love of their life while eating delicious, homemade, local cuisine.

Il Ristorante a Casa Mia, Palazzuolo sul Senio

Imagine a half-moon-shaped structure perched on the edge of a mountain surrounded by panoramic windows overlooking the breathtaking, tranquil Apennine Mountains in the Tuscan countryside, where stunning views of the sun setting can be admired while enjoying your meal. Owned and operated by two, vibrant and welcoming sisters, Il Ristorante a Casa Mia boasts one of the most romantic and jaw-dropping settings within the region and is sure to ignite anyone's passionate side from the moment they enter to when they take the first bite of their homemade dishes made with love.

Scaravelli Ristorante, Mantova (Mantua)

Italy is known for its outdoor seating when it comes to enjoying authentic Italian cuisine, and Scaravelli Ristorante doesn't disappoint. Located within the bustling city of Mantova, this indoor and outdoor restaurant can be found in the prominent and historic Piazza delle Erbe. Fresh, white linens draped elegantly on tables, single pillar candles lit within tall, glass containers, and crystal glasses set in place. The atmosphere by day calming and serene, by night, it exudes romance and Italian charm, while serving mouthwatering, traditional, Mantuan cuisine.

Il Pilagio Ristorante, Florence

Stunning crystal chandeliers, gorgeous floral arrangements set in black vases with antique gold, ornate trim. Mauve-colored drapery, the alluring contrast of cherry wood furnishings against white linen-draped tables, and elegant cream-colored seating are a vision to behold. Walk into Il Pilagio, and the whole of its impeccable setting exudes amore in one of the most historical and romantic cities of Tuscany. And, if that's not romantic enough for you, Il Pilagio provides several private unique, dining experiences for that perfect, intimate, romantic dinner amid stunning locations that will leave you breathless.

Ristorante Santa Elisabetta, Florence

Awarded not one, but two Michelin Stars, its atmosphere is both intimate and romantic. Only seven tables adorn its inviting, and cozy setting, which sets the mood for love. Set within an ancient, Byzantine tower, the Ristorante Santa Elisabetta invokes an ambiance of simplicity combined with artistic, and elegant décor. Delicate lighting from the crystal chandelier warms the snug dining area, while natural lighting from the floor to nearly-ceiling windows provides views onto Piazza Santa Elisabetta by day. At night, lit candles create a romantic vibe throughout, adding to the allure of its enchanting space.

La Loggia Ristorante, Fiesole

From the ancient, hilltop town of Fiesole, the panoramic views of the city of Firenze can be seen from high atop its perch, and it is here, that the equally stunning restaurant, La Loggia,awaits diners to provide them with one of the most romantic settings of the Renaissance city and beyond. Located within a 16th-century monastery, the alluring, open-air terrace provides diners with breathtaking views, romantic sunsets alighting the city of Florence below, and crystal-clear evening skies to gaze upon the stars while enjoying fine, regional Italian cuisine prepared by a Michelin Star Chef.

La Terrazza, Montespertoli

Located within the captivating Chianti countryside, where rolling green hills beckon visitors to the heart of Tuscany, and some of the finest wines are produced, sits the Estate of Villa Le Calvane. An impeccable, 5-star hotel resort that boasts one of Italy's most intimate and inviting restaurants: La Terrazza. Whether you prefer an indoor or outdoor setting, both options afforded by this ancestral estate are equally elegant and romantic for its dining guests who appreciate nature, beauty, and simplicity at its finest.

Borgo Santo Pietro Saporium, Chiusdino

Make your way to the medieval borgo of Chiusdino in the Province of Siena, and bear witness to one of the most unique, alluring, and sustainable restaurants in the region of Tuscany: the Saporium at Borgo Santo Pietro. Bringing the outdoors in, its stunning open-air garden terrace filled with lush, vibrant green foliage, floral arrangements, olive green velvet seating set against ancient stonework, grand columns, and arches, breathes romance and intimacy. And, for those seeking a more private setting for that special romantic occasion, reserve a magical dining experience in their magical and whimsical grotto.

La Sponda Ristorante, Positano

The Amalfi Coast is Italy's love affair with the Mediterranean Sea. And, the enchanting, cliffside village of Positano is its muse. Set within the upscale, elegant hotel resort, Le Sirenuse, the stunning restaurant La Sponda beckons guests to its magical, indoor restaurant, and breathtaking outdoor terrace for one of the most romantic dining experiences one could experience. A fairy-tale-like setting of tealight trees, climbing ivy from terracotta pots to the arched ceiling with views of the sparkling Tyrrhenian Sea, and colorful, terraced village of Positano as its view, encapsulates romance in every sense of the word.

Grotta Palazzese, Bari

Make your way to the heel of Italy's landscape and the breathtaking coastal region of Puglia, where one of the most talked about, written about, and visited restaurants can be found forged within the deep recesses of a cave: The Adriatic Sea its breathtaking view. Grotta Palazzese is a diner's dreamlike vision of the perfect romantic setting to bring a loved one. The juxtaposition of rich, hardwood floors, metal, and natural fiber finishings against the rough, jagged edges of stone forming the wide, cave opening, and sparkling blue sea as its backdrop, is both mysterious and alluring.

Le Jardin de Russie, Rome

When a restaurant's setting is quite literally a work of art both inside and outside, and the cuisine it prepares is an equal masterpiece to its creation, that combination creates a romantic ambiance that is unprecedented in its delivery. Within the heart of the Eternal City, the enchanting Le Jardin de Russie provides a diverse experience in fine dining. From its inviting and whimsical indoor dining area to its architecturally stunning outdoor terrace and lush garden setting, its vision for providing elegance amongst nature's beauty is exemplary, and a flawless location for romantic dining.

Terrazza Borromini Ristorante, Rome

Set high atop a 17th-century, historical and architectural wonder within the heart of Rome, the Terrazza Borromini Ristorante overlooks the romantic Piazza Navona from its stunning terrace wrapped in ornate Roman columns, statuary, arched bell tower, and neighboring cupola. While there is a beautiful indoor dining area, it's the inviting outdoor dining arrangement that breathes romance into life, all while viewing the breathtaking landscape of Rome from your table, while you take pleasure in your delectable Roman meal for two.

Aroma Ristorante, Rome

It evokes a sense of wonder, and curiosity in visitors, and feelings of pride among Romans. It is the nearly 2,000-year-old Colosseum, and from high atop Palazzo Manfredi, visitors can behold this ancient fortress and battleground from the spectacular dining area and outdoor terrace of Aroma Ristorante. They say Rome is the city for love, and what could be more romantic or inspiring than dining with your loved one while enjoying breathtaking, panoramic, and prominent views of this grandiose monument as the sun sets behind it, setting the city of Rome aglow?

Bistro de Venise, Venice

Known as one of the most romantic cities in the world, Venice exudes amore from every canal, corner, nook, and bridge throughout its ancient landscape. And, the Bistro de Venise encompasses romance within its restaurant. And, for lovers, this charming restaurant provides a personalized menu and a private table for two. Vibrant, deep red, and brushed gold textiles, leather furnishings, and Venetian décor creates a romantic ambiance, while the menu of enticing dishes evokes passion, and is sure to set your heart on fire.

Trattoria Povoledo, Venice

Imagine yourself dining along the beautiful Grand Canal of Venice. Gondoliers glide past singing Italian songs as they guide their passengers along the water. The small waves they create lapping up against structures that frame the canal. You toast your loved one with a fine wine from the Veneto region as you take in the breathtaking scenery around you. This is romance at its best, and it can be experienced on the outdoor terrace of Ristorante Trattoria Povoledo where diners find themselves within the beating heart of Venice, the city of love.

Villa Crespi Ristorante, Orta San Giulio

He is one of Italy's most recognized and prestigious chefs: Antonio Cannavacciuolo. And together, with his wife Cinzia, passionately restored a stunning work of Moorish architecture in the Piedmont region of Italy. Step inside and gaze upon the beautiful Moorish finishings of Villa Crespi, and bear witness to an impeccably luxurious, 5-star resort, and one of the most romantic and elegant restaurants in Northern Italy. Awarded three Michelin Stars, Villa Crespi Ristorante invokes mysticism, allure, and love within its intimate and detailed romantic setting. Dining here is an experience one soon will not forget.

Il Ristorante Ponte Pietra, Verona

We end our list of romantic restaurants in the city where Romeo and Juliet professed their love for one another. Near the historic Ponte Pietra stone bridge, with views of the Adige River flowing through the city of Verona, lies Il Ristorante Ponte Pietra. Its environment welcoming; its ambiance romantically intimate. Whether you prefer a cozy dining experience indoors or an enchanting dining experience outdoors surrounded by lush, green foliage and Verona's outstanding beauty as your view: Romance is definitely in the air while here, bringing lovers from around the world to its doorstep.