13 Of The Best Jack The Ripper Tours In London

London's history is vast, but it is often the darker historical narratives that fascinate visitors. Take the horrific tales of Jack the Ripper, for instance. Despite Jack's short-lived reign of terror, the story of these gruesome East London murders has been etched into history and pop culture — making the mystery of Jack the Ripper a continued bone-chilling point of interest in the Big Smoke.

According to police records, all five murders occurred in the autumn of 1888 (between August 31 to November 9), and the victims were mainly female prostitutes who worked in the poorest part of London. Many believed that there were actually more than five victims since there were a series of other killings in the Spitalfields and Whitechapel areas that took place around the same time. However, police could not link these ongoing murders in Spitalfields and Whitechapel to Jack.

With extensive news coverage and several letters (reportedly from the killer himself), the unsolved murders of the canonical five — Mary Ann Nichols, Annie Chapman, Elizabeth Stride, Catherine Eddowes, and Mary Jane Kelly — captivated the public. And the nightmare that was Jack the Ripper became forever cemented in people's minds. Even to this very day, the inexplicable lore of Jack the Ripper continues to ensnare us all. So if you are a lover of dark tourism and find the mystery of Jack the Ripper intriguing, then head over to Brick Lane in East London to quench your thirst with your pick from the 13 best Jack the Ripper Tours.

The Feminist Jack the Ripper Tour

One of the most interesting tour options is none other than The Feminist Jack the Ripper Tour. As briefly mentioned, much of the interest in this particular mystery is focused on Jack. People want to know — who was Jack the Ripp? Why did he commit these crimes? What drove him to murder these specific women? And what exactly happened to him after 1888? Oddly, not too much thought has been given to his victims, also known as the canonical five. Well, with this tour, travelers can delve deeper into the lives of the canonical five beyond their profession and gruesome murders.

Maybe for the first time, in fact, tour-goers can see the murders from a new perspective. Mary Ann Nichols, Annie Chapman, Elizabeth Stride, Catherine Eddowes, and Mary Jane Kelly were real people. These women, up until their senseless death, led full lives (despite the appalling treatment of many women during this time) and bravely worked the less-than-ideal streets of 19th-century East London to help provide for their families. So, this is a great tour for anyone who wants to learn more about the women that took center stage in the macabre story of Jack the Ripper.

Jack the Ripper Terror Tour

Here, visitors can enjoy a nighttime recounting of all the terror that Jack the Ripper unleashed on 19th-century East End London. Since the early 1980s, this particular walking tour has offered tour-goers a chance to go back in time and experience a frightful autumn night, just like it was in 1888. Of course, this is not your average nighttime walkabout along the dark and haunting cobblestone streets of East London. Guided by a Ripper expert or renowned Ripperologist, visitors can catch a glimpse of the hysteria that surrounded these murders and go over Jack's movements in great detail.

While exploring the eerie streets and the long-forgotten crime scenes, you can expect to learn more about the historical significance of this ongoing grisly mystery. And during your hair-raising stroll, your group's Ripperologist will regale you with their own personal take on the murders, discuss fascinating theories about Jack's motives, and provide key insight into who this faceless serial killer may have been. This tour also includes documentary evidence, crime scene photos, and copies of the letters sent to Scotland Yard.

Solve the Crime Jack the Ripper Tour

Since no one knows for sure who Jack the Ripper actually was, the murders of the canonical five and the legend of Jack the Ripper have all the makings of your classic whodunit. So, if you are a fan of suspenseful mystery games and crime dramas, then the Solve the Crime Jack the Ripper Tour is definitely worth considering. Here, tour-goers can study the evidence, examine the crime scenes, and cultivate their own serial killer profile.

This tour attempts to get to the bottom of this centuries-old mystery and goes about solving this whodunit in a fun and interactive way. With clues, a semi-immersive experience, lesser-known evidence, visuals, and more, the Solve the Crime tour brings a little lightheartedness to your excursion while sorting out myth versus history. Interested visitors should book this walking tour before it sells out, as this is another popular vacation activity that travelers very much enjoy.

Jack the Ripper 2-Hour Evening Walking Tour

With no shortage of tours to choose from, the Jack the Ripper 2-Hour Evening Walking Tour is equal parts informative and downright creepy. Tour-goers here will definitely get in their steps while going over the makings of this mass murder. But that's not all — this particular Ripper walkabout also widens the scope a bit by focusing on London's dark history.

Sadly, Victorian London was a time in history that was brimming with murder, acts of violence, prostitution, and a whole host of other menacing occurrences. Thus, this tour helps interested visitors get a better understanding of the setting during the autumn of terror. So if you are looking for a fun outing that focuses on the brutal murders but is not filled with crime-solving or excessive terror, then this is the Ripper excursion for you. History lovers will also appreciate this intriguing journey through Victorian London.

Jack the Ripper City Exploration Game

Speaking of experiencing East London through a different lens, the Jack the Ripper City Exploration Game offers interested visitors the chance to set out on more of a quest rather than a guided walking tour. So if you love a good scavenger hunt combined with an outdoor escape room and informative tour, then let the games begin. That said, this is a mobile-based self-guided tour, so if you prefer to go on your quest without a Ripperologist, you should not pass on this tour.

All travelers need to do here is download the smartphone app and prepare for some Ripper fun. Tour-goers can play this game solo, team up with friends or family, and even compete against other groups. And the best part here is that with no real set time limit, you can unlock the secrets of Victorian London and ponder the mystery of Jack the Ripper at your own pace — though most players can complete the game in two hours or less.

Jack the Ripper Pub Tour

Who doesn't love a good mystery and a pub crawl? Well, the Jack the Ripper Pub tour offers both. Of course, this is not your average pub crawl — here, guests will peruse the major murder sites and enjoy a stiff drink or two at several important Victorian alehouses. And this is not just for the fun of it either, as these particular pubs have a longstanding history with Jack.

Tour-goers will learn all about the devious undertakings of Jack the Ripper and stop by six key pubs — The White Hart Pub, The Ten Bells, The Kings Store, The Bell Pub, The Duke of Wellington, and The Princess Alice. These historic alehouses each played a part in the gruesome murders. In fact, more than a handful of these taverns are just steps away from the infamous crime scenes, while others are the last known locations of several of the victims before their untimely demise. Overall, this tour is filled with interesting facts and is an all-around good time.

Jack the Ripper Tour with Ripper Vision

For travelers looking for a truly immersive experience concerning all things Ripper, the Jack the Ripper Tour with Ripper Vision is definitely a good place to start. In addition to a walkabout around East London, this tour also allows its guests to see this mystery's main murderous streets brought to life. Thanks to an innovative and trademarked hand-held projector (Ripper Vision) and an illuminating guide or Ripper expert, you no longer have to imagine what the autumn of terror was like.

If you can stomach it — the Ripper Vision tour includes gruesome photos from the various crime scenes, important pieces of evidence, unsettling moving images, and the feeling that Jack could pop around the corner at any moment. This tour covers everything from the murders and the overall atmosphere of Victorian London at that time to conspiracy theories and more. So, if you want to feel like you've stepped into the horrid legend of Jack the Ripper, then Ripper Vision is the way to go.

Jack the Ripper Tour — Journey Through the Victorian Abyss

Jack the Ripper enthusiasts will be glad to know that they can examine this murder mystery from almost every angle. And thanks to the Jack the Ripper Tour — Journey Through the Victorian Abyss adds a new take on these 19th-century crimes by providing a first-hand account of where things went wrong during the actual police investigation. Though this tour focuses heavily on the canonical five, tour-goers here will also be introduced to another suspected Ripper victim Martha Tabram.

Though the debate rages on about whether or not Martha Tabram was an additional victim, your Ripper expert will provide you with clear arguments for both sides. So you can determine for yourself if there were more victims. That said, as you walk through all the evidence, you can see how simple missteps led to the demise of Martha Tabram. Tour-goers will also learn more about the crime-ridden quarters of Victorian London, including the fact that many prominent members of society knew, before all the killings, that murder and mayhem had made a home in this section of the city.

The 5 Women and Jack the Ripper Tour

Much like the Feminist Tour, the 5 Women and Jack the Ripper Tour offers more insight into the victims. Here, these women's stories are cast in a new light, as this tour provides alternative evidence suggesting that not all of these women were prostitutes. In general, tour guests will get a sense of how difficult life was for women in the already brutal East End and how many lived in fear of Jack the Ripper once his reign of terror began.

The 5 Women and Jack the Ripper Tour also highlights how the women were sensationalized by the papers and what kind of impact that had on the investigation. Had these women been depicted correctly, would their murders have been solved? How was Jack the Ripper able to commit so many atrocities in the same area in such a short period of time? It is questions like these that make you wonder if there was some sort of conspiracy going on. So if your interest is piqued, then book this educational tour and find out for yourself.

Jack the Ripper Bus Tour with Fish and Chips

If you find the tales of Jack the Ripper and his victims enthralling but are not necessarily interested in walking all of the dark and eerie cobblestone streets of the East End, then you are in luck. The Jack the Ripper Bus Tour with free fish and chips is just one more great tour option to consider for your exciting journey to the past. Here, tour guests truly have it all — a meal, a ride, Jack, and even the chance to check out a few additional ghostly haunts in London.

Of course, tour-goers will have to hop on and off their tour coach in order to get an up-close-and-personal view of some of the crime scenes and other points of interest. Still, this tour is well worth it, especially if you have been exploring the streets of London all day and now want to kick back and relax for a spell with friendly old Jack. If this sounds like more your speed and all this talk of true crime makes you oddly hungry, then travel back to Victorian London via coach with fish and chips.

Jack the Ripper Private Tour of Whitechapel and Brick Lane

This is the perfect option for London visitors who want more of an intimate setting when delving into the terrifying world of Jack the Ripper. Whether you already have your own large group or simply prefer to go at your own pace with a guide, the Jack the Ripper Private Tour of Whitechapel and Brick Lane is one of the most highly-rated Ripper excursions in town. Plus, private tour guests can opt to upgrade their experience by choosing a Ripper expert who knows how to play their part (a full Victorian-era costumed actor will show you all the horrors).

During your tour of Whitechapel and Brick Lane, private tour-goers will stop by key Jack the Ripper crime scenes and haunts. If you do upgrade, your Victorian actor and guide will also go over the murders, well-known myths, Ripper truths, and more — with just the right amount of pomp and pageantry. Of course, private tours with your standard Ripperologist are also available, but honestly, where's the fun in that?

Jack the Ripper and Sherlock Holmes Tour of Haunted London

The Jack the Ripper and Sherlock Holmes Tour of Haunted London is another part bus, part walking excursion that tackles two of London's most well-known characters — both real and imagined. Besides going over Jack the Ripper and Sherlock Holmes, this hauntingly good tour also explores the stories of Sweeney Todd, this city's Medieval history, Victorian London, the spooky tales of the Cock Lane Ghost, and so much more. So, London visitors are definitely in for a fun evening of horror with this particular activity.

Overall, this fascinating three-hour outing will delight, frighten, and possibly make you question what is true, lore, fiction, or legend. However, it is worth noting that the main focus here is very much on Jack the Ripper and Sherlock Holmes. But the way this tour intertwines it all with a generous helping of London's unsavory past is quite impressive. So if you came for this town's dark history, then get ready because you will find it here and then some.

Jack the Ripper Walking Tour and Museum

Lastly, Ripper enthusiasts and history lovers can elevate their tour experience by booking the Jack the Ripper Walking Tour and Museum. This small group excursion with a well-versed Ripperologist highlights the basics — the canonical five, the main crime scenes, various other significant locations, items that were overlooked during the police investigation, theories about who Jack the Ripper was, and more. These crucial tidbits are all addressed on a guided two-hour walkabout through the streets of East End London.

After covering the Ripper basics during your East End stroll, the next stop on the itinerary is the Jack the Ripper museum. Here, you will get to see some of the original letters that were sent to Scotland Yard, documents about the initial investigation, other significant photos, evidence, and murder records (which you won't see anywhere else). While at the museum, your tour guide will also provide you with even more relevant details about these unsolved crimes and answer any questions you may have after thoroughly examining all the evidence. Typically, tour-goers here will spend an additional one to two hours going through the museum. Thus, in many ways, the Jack the Ripper Walking Tour and Museum is the most comprehensive option — and is ideal for anyone looking to learn as much as possible about Jack the Ripper.