Catch A Movie (And Acropolis View) At One Of Athens' Popular Outdoor Cinemas

From drive-in theaters to outdoor cinemas and indoor movie theaters, there's no shortage of options for moviegoers to catch a great flick on the screen. However, there is something magical about catching a film at an outdoor cinema, whether you've brought your own towel or blanket to sit on the grass, or experience watching a movie in a unique location outdoors. According to Athens Insider, the capital of Greece once boasted an estimated 600 outdoor cinemas. However, a fraction of those have remained open to the public throughout the years. One of Athens' popular open-air cinemas is a favorite location for film lovers to catch a movie under the stars, primarily because of its location and views of a famous and ancient UNESCO World Heritage Site.  

Showing films since 1935, The Thision Open-Air Cinema (Cine Thision in Greek) is Athens' longest-running outdoor theater, providing its audience with spectacular views of the Acropolis and Parthenon illuminated brightly under the night sky. Recipient of the Fodor's Choice Award, the Thision is a popular place to head off to during the pleasant spring season and hot summer months in Greece. In fact, you won't find this open-air cinema showing films during the winter months, as Athens experiences heavy snow, and it can get unbearably cold during the frigid months of November through March.

An outdoor cinema with an ancient view

Attendees benefit from sitting in comfortable chairs, while small, circular tables affixed with famous photos of Hollywood actors are positioned randomly throughout the varying rows of seats, providing a place for beverages and snacks. A small snack bar is also available for attendees to pick their favorite Greek or American delicacies to enjoy while watching the scheduled film of the evening.

Scheduled movie screenings of current blockbuster films to old classics can be found on their website as they gear up for their seasonal opening, and tickets can be purchased at the cinema entrance. Ranking No. 6 on TripAdvisor for fun and game-type activities to do in Athens, Greece, catching a movie with views of the Acropolis in the backdrop while enjoying your favorite film can be a unique, entertaining, and historic opportunity for you and your family that is sure to create memories for a lifetime.