Cedar Point's Best Family-Friendly Thrills For Every Age Group

A beacon of fun towering over Sandusky Bay, Cedar Point Amusement Park in Ohio has been a family-fun destination since the 19th century (per Cedar Point). In 1892, the beachfront park opened its first rollercoaster. Blasting through the ethers at a mind-boggling 10 miles per hour and peaking at 25 feet, the Switchback Railway may've been tame by today's standards, but the roller coaster laid the tracks for the amusement park's future as a midwestern mecca for thrill-seekers.

Today, Cedar Point Amusement Park boasts 18 roller coasters (per This is Cleveland), and many of Cedar Point's coasters are among the tallest and fastest in the world. However, the amusement park is not solely reserved for adrenaline-junkie steel jockeys. The amusement park is also home to a wide range of age-appropriate rides, as well as a beachfront boardwalk, a splashy waterpark, and a mile-long beach on Lake Erie.

Whether you're looking for a day trip from Cleveland, only 60 miles away, or planning a family-friendly trip over a long weekend, Cedar Point Amusement Park is a destination that accommodates all ages and both the thrill and chill seekers in your family.

Best rides for wee ones

Cedar Point Amusement Park offers four distinct areas for the smallest and youngest of patrons (per Cedar Point). Each area features plenty of age-appropriate rides, such as junior-sized bumper cars, small rollercoasters, and (not full) tilt-a-whirl rides.

In Planet Snoopy, the park's newest kid-friendly area, your future astronauts can blast off into space with America's favorite beagle, while Kiddy Kingdom offers kid-sized carousels, as well as 4x4 and helicopter rides. Camp Snoopy features seven frontier-fun rides, including the miniature Woodstock Express roller coaster, and Gemini Midway Area offers both kid and family-appropriate rides, offering younger kids a taste of big kid thrills.

To cool off, the Cedar Point Shores Waterpark also provides two designated areas for the youngest swimmers: the Waterin' Hole and Lemmy's Lagoon. Both splash pad areas feature fountains, slides, and waterfalls for an afternoon of summer fun, as well as poolside lounge chairs (an ever-popular attraction for parents with small children).

Action-packed for all ages

While there are plenty of age-appropriate attractions at Cedar Point Amusement Park, the park also offers activities for the whole family to enjoy. Many rides are designated as "family," which indicates that parents can share the experience with young children. Although different rides have various height requirements, the height requirement for many rides is waived with a supervising companion. You can ride the rails on Cedar Point and Lake Erie Railroad, explore the Forbidden Frontier on Adventure Island, or go on the Snake River Expedition, a riverboat ride of yesteryear.

Per Cedar Point, the park offers a parents' program to ensure everyone enjoys the park. Called the Parent Swap, one parent can stand in line with their child, who is too young to ride the roller coaster, while the other parent simply relaxes. Once the "waiting-in-line" parent boards the ride, the other parent can take their place in line to supervise the kid. Then, after the ride is over, the yet-to-ride parent can take their turn on the roller coaster, handing over supervising duties. It's an awesome program for thrill-seeking parents. 

Along with the park's rides and attractions, families can also enjoy an afternoon of family fun on Lake Erie. You can rent paddle boards, kayaks, and jet skis, as well as charter private boats. You can also visit Kelleys Island and Put-in-Bay by booking an island excursion ferry. 

Top thrills for teens

According to Shore & Islands, Cedar Point Amusement Park is home to 71 rides. While the park offers both rides for small kids and white-knuckling speed demons, Cedar Point's largest share of rides includes experiences that teens and older kids will enjoy, with a typical height requirement between 42 and 52 inches for solo riders.

In the park, these rides include the Troika, a mind- and body-scrambling gondola ride; the Pipe Scream, a group roller coaster that mimics a skateboard riding a half-pipe; and Dodgem, a classic bumper-car experience to help your teen improve their driving skills. At the waterpark, the wave pool of Breakwater Bay, as well as the park's popular wet and wild waterslides, such as Crosscurrents and Perch Plunge, can offer a splash-tastic day for teens.

Since teens aren't necessarily known for their patience, Cedar Point Amusement Park's Fast Lane and Fast Lane Plus program may help to avoid any line-induced teenage complaining. Per Cedar Point, the Fast Lane pass allows you to bypass regular lines to 18 popular rides, while the Fast Lane Plus pass means you can skip the line to any ride that offers Fast Pass access, including unlimited rides on some of the park's most famous roller coasters.

Best for adrenaline junkies

Cedar Point Amusement Park bills itself as "The Roller Coaster Capital of the World," and it's hard to argue. According to This Is Cleveland, the park boasts 18 world-class roller coasters. When we say "world-class," we mean that many of these coasters are among the tallest and fastest in the world. After all, Cedar Point is aptly named "America's Roller Coast."

Per Cedar Park, the Valravn is the tallest and faster dive coaster in the United States, dropping 223 feet and hitting speeds of 75 miles per hour. At 93 miles per hour (sustained), the Millennium Force coaster opened in 2000, and at 300 feet with astronaut training speeds, Millennium Force debuted with the longest drop and fastest speed of any coaster in the world, ushering a new term: the giga-coaster.

The park's newest addition, Steele Vengeance, is a high-speed, hyper-hybrid roller coaster that gives riders 30 seconds of airtime, the most of any coaster in the world. Airtime is the feeling of weightlessness through sudden drops and inversions. At 5,740 feet and hitting speeds of 74 miles per hour, Steele Vengeance is also the longest hybrid coaster in the world. And these are only three of the park's 18 roller coasters! Roller Coaster Capital of the World, indeed.

Relaxing places to wind down

There's no shortage of thrills at Cedar Park Amusement Park. But after a day of rides (or three minutes on Steele Vengeance), you may need to decompress from the excitement. Fortunately, the amusement park provides plenty of activities to lower your heart rate and blood pressure. Consider taking a carefree trip down Cedar Creek, the park's 1,200-foot lazy river. Grab an innertube and let go of your worries. They don't call these rivers "lazy" for nothing. 

For those who'd prefer something a little more natural, simply grab a lounge chair and relax on Cedar Point Beach, the initial attraction that beckoned visitors 150 years ago. Access to the mile-long beach is included with your park ticket. You can cool off in the lake or simply lounge in the summer sun.

To refuel, the park offers a wide range of dining options, and live shows can provide a respite for the entire family. According to Cedar Point, the amusement park is also opening The Boardwalk in May 2023, a modern interpretation of Cedar Point's boardwalk in the early days. A simple sunset walk along The Boardwalk or Lake Erie's shoreline may be perfect for winding down after a family-fun day at America's Roller Coast — a classic activity enjoy for over a century.