The Iconic Story Bridge Has The Most Stunning Views Of The Brisbane Skyline

Brisbane (pronounced 'briz-buhn') is located in the northeastern state of Queensland in Australia. The city is home to over 2.6 million people (per Population Australia) and is surrounded by some of Australia's most beautiful wildlife, rainforests, beaches, and islands. But did you know that Brisbane is also home to one very remarkable bridge? The Story Bridge is one of only four bridges in the world that you can legally climb!

Travel Awaits writes that the other three bridges, all located "Down Under," are the Sydney Harbour Bridge in Sydney, the Matagarup Bridge in Perth, and the Auckland Harbour Bridge in Auckland, New Zealand. The Story Bridge is unique from its sister bridges, though, as it is the longest cantilever bridge in Australia. It also offers some of the absolute best city skyline views of Brisbane, the Brisbane River, and, in the distance, you can even see Moreton Bay and the Glass House Mountains.

Get panoramic views of Brisbane from the Story Bridge

According to the Queensland website, the Story Bridge was built in 1940 and remains a landmark destination for visitors to Brisbane. The bridge is located in the Central Business District (CBD). Just below the bridge is Howard Smith Wharves, formerly a shipyard that has now been converted into commercial retail spaces, including a brewery, cafes, shopping, and even a hotel.

But before you grab a pint of an ice-cold IPA, you'll want to make the climb to the top of the Story Bridge with Story Bridge Adventure Climb. The tour is about 2 hours in length and can be taken at nearly any time of day, but the company suggests taking their twilight climb so you can see the city lights twinkling as the sun sets in the distance.

Besides the amazing 360-degree views at the top, the Story Bridge is also the only bridge in the world that you can climb up and rappel down from the top. Are you brave enough?