Most Fun US Cities For Solo Travelers

It's completely normal to be a bundle of nerves leading up to your first solo trip in the United States. Traveling around a new place by yourself is a big deal and it takes a little more planning than a regular trip (via Travelers). Luckily, picking the right destination makes all the difference when it comes to having a positive experience. Each city across America offers solo travelers a one-of-a-kind ambiance and unique benefits. Some places practically guarantee that you'll have a blast and maybe even make friends along the way. Ask yourself, what are you looking for in a destination?

Mouthwatering food and entertainment around every corner? Head to San Diego, California. Searching for some of the most otherworldly landscapes and intense outdoor activities on the planet? Look no further than Honolulu, Hawaii. Do you want to go somewhere alone and come home with a ton of new friends? You might like Savannah, Georgia. In the United States, there is a city that fits every type of solo traveler's idea of a good time. It's just a matter of finding it.

That's why learning a little about the most exciting U.S. cities for solo travelers and the things to do there can make or break a future trip. So without further adieu, let's break down the most fun U.S. cities for solo travelers right now. 

Boston, Massachusetts

If you're looking for a destination that walks the careful balance of being both safe and fun, Boston will answer all your prayers. It's a generally safe city, but it's not short on exciting and enlightening things to do (via She's Catching Flights). That's one reason it's such a perfect place for first-time solo travelers. Go City recommends taking advantage of all the cool museums the city has to offer, like the Museum of Fine Arts and the Museum of Science. When you're finished getting to know the cultural scene, Boston is also a mecca for all things delicious food, from upscale seafood like Row 34 to casual delights like Sweet Cheeks Q.

One of the biggest reasons why Boston makes for a convenient solo trip is the city's comprehensive public transportation system. Even if you aren't well-versed with public transit, Bostons' system is really simple to figure out and you can even buy a multi-day pass in advance to save some money. All in all, Boston is a city that can appeal to almost any type of solo traveler. Especially the newbies!

San Diego, California

Sometimes, all you need to have a good time by yourself is a healthy dose of picturesque weather and a beach. If that sounds like a little slice of heaven, San Diego is the solo travel destination for you. This coastal city is one of the most popular places for solo travelers to visit because it's sunny, warm, and home to some of the nicest beaches on the planet (forget about just the U.S.A!). Even if you're not into relaxing on the beach, there are endless outdoor activities in San Diego. According to Sojournies, some of the best activities include whale watching and hiking around Sunset Cliff's coastal trail at dusk. As you can tell, this city is an outdoorsy traveler's paradise.

There is an easygoing vibe floating around San Diego that just pulls you in and makes you feel comfortable. Unlike many major cities in California, San Diego is considered very safe for solo female travelers, specifically (via Sojournies). So, even as a single person, you'll be good to check out some of the area's legendary local pubs. As Delishably so accurately puts it, San Diego is a paradise for nightlife lovers. Some of the best watering holes in the city are Polite Provisions and Werewolf. If you feel awkward going to a bar alone, just join one of San Diego's many pub crawls. It helps you get a feel for the area and you'll probably leave the night with a whole new group of friends.

Nashville, Tennessee

The thing that makes Nashville an incredibly fun solo travel destination is its raging nightlife scene. If you've never checked out the bars in the south, this will be a totally new experience for you. It's a great environment for a solo traveler because usually everyone is very welcoming and keen to make friends when they're out on the bar streets. If you want to get into the party, but you're not much of a drinker, it's a blast to partake in a line-dancing class.

Nashville is known as Music City, U.S.A and it completely lives up to that reputation. The Musician's Hall of Fame and Museum is even in Nashville. So, when you're getting to know the nightlife or even just walking around the streets, you'll always be surrounded by sweet tunes. The boutique shopping scene in Nashville also makes for some amusing afternoons on a solo trip. 

According to Nashville Guru, Vinnie Louise, REVV, and UAL are some of the top independent shops in the city to find one-of-a-kind fashion items you'll be showing off to everyone back home. There's quite a bit of history to explore around Nashville, too. Visit Music City recommends hopping on a trolley tour or bicycle tour around the city to see the sites. This is another effective way to potentially meet some travel buddies if you're feeling lonesome on your journey.

New York, New York

Ah, New York, New York. There isn't a city quite like it in the entire world. You've seen it in movies, tv shows, music videos, and now you can see it for yourself. As it turns out, even though the city that never sleeps is very expensive, it's still one of the most fun trips for solo travelers. Just make sure you plan a solo trip to this particular U.S. destination in advance because things sell out fast in the Big Apple.

According to Free Tours By Foot, there are tons of accommodations in New York City that almost seem tailor-made for solo travelers. For example, the Pod hotels (Pod 39, Pod 51, and Pod Brooklyn) are fairly affordable and offer amenities to help travelers connect, such as a trendy rooftop bar and lounge areas. So, even when you head back to the hotel, you're still in for a fun experience.

After checking into your hotel, it's tough to figure out something you can't find in New York City. There is a rich theater scene, world-class restaurants, and historic sites galore. Plus, NYC is an ever-changing maze of exciting things to do, so it's important to look up the local events happening around the time you're visiting. No matter where you find stuff happening, you can get there by yourself without a problem using the MTA (via Passion Passport).

Portland, Maine

I get it. This probably isn't the first place that immediately pops into your head when you hear the word "Portland." Though this might be the lesser-known Portland in the United States, this adorable coastal city in Maine provides an idyllic setting for a solo vacation. Chill, cozy, and best of all, it's very fun for a single person out on an adventure (via Visit Portland).

The peaceful city of Portland has some of the most beautiful views on the east coast and several tranquil lighthouses. Seriously, the scene feels plucked right off the big screen. It's ideal for people who just want to leisurely wander around a new city without any pressure to do a bunch of stuff. Thanks to its prime coastal location, the seafood in Portland, Maine is divine. Of course, the state is known for its mouthwatering lobster served in many different fashions. According to Spoon University, Portland is also renowned for its variety of desserts from the local favorite potato donuts and Whoopie pies to sweet popcorn and soft serve.

When you're stuffed with Portland's culinary delicacies, there are plenty of places to wash down all the food with a couple of drinks. Traveling Bitz recommends doing a tasting of the local honey wine at Maine Mead Works. You can try out all the flavors of the sweet drink for a very affordable price.

Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii is one of the most alluring destinations in the entire country and attracts millions of eager visitors every year. Many of those people are solo travelers who are craving an otherworldly getaway. Once you arrive in this mesmerizing city, it's easy to understand why so many people are drawn here.

The thing that makes Honolulu stand out as a solo travel destination is the long list of different things to do (via The Travel). The Hawaiian capital has some of the most breathtaking natural attractions in the world. Of course, there are extraordinary beaches to relax on, like Waikiki Beach and Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve. But, there are also tons of activities for adrenaline junkies and adventure sports in Hawaii. Hawaii Activities says that the adventures in Honolulu are wilder than you've ever experienced before. We're talking skydiving, zip-lining, and even swimming with sharks! Honolulu is the place to get your blood pumping a little faster on your solo trip.

Jumping out of a plane or sharing the water with one of the ocean's biggest predators has a way of building up an appetite. Thankfully, Honolulu has solo travelers covered in that department as well. The city offers a plethora of restaurants and there are a bunch of local specialties on the menu, such as traditional slow-cooked Kalua pig and Poke (via World Of Food And Drink).

Savannah, Georgia

Voted as one of the friendliest cities in America by Next Vacay, there are a lot of reasons to put Savannah, Georgia at the top of your solo travel wishlist. Let's start with the tours. If you're visiting a city by yourself, you want to make sure you can get in on some entertaining, informative tours and experiences around the city. In Savannah, you'll find absolutely every kind of tour you can imagine. Biking escapades, pub crawls, haunted history tours, and a bunch of other types of meet-ups.

You're never far from new friends when you're traveling in Savannah. The southern city is also home to 10 different universities, so there are plenty of opportunities for exciting nightlife around the area. According to Stay in Savannah, the nightlife scene here is eclectic with live music venues, sports bars, upscale lounges, and nightclubs. For travelers who prefer to stick solo, there are tons of options for shopping, art galleries, and historic homes to visit on your own. One of the best spots to find all of this stuff is at the open-air City Market that runs down a whole four blocks of Savannah (Via Visit Savannah).

Sedona, Arizona

Nature lovers setting off on a solo adventure will fall in love with Sedona, Arizona. The landscapes around Sedona are just simply breathtaking. According to, Sedona is known for its impressive hikes that attract visitors from all over the globe. You don't need to be a pro either, there are trails to fit any hiking skill level at Red Rock State Park and Slide Rock State Park.

Sedona is quite a spiritual place. Around the city, you'll often stumble upon crystal shops and unbelievable prayer temples inside Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park. Solo travelers seeking a meaningful trip where they can get in touch with the more ethereal side of fun will definitely get their fill in Sedona. One of the most special attractions in Sedona, and the United States in general, is the vortexes. It sounds like a line straight out of a science fiction novel, but this is a very real thing. Visit Sedona says that a vortex is a central magnetic point of flowing energy that's believed to promote bodily healing, meditation, and self-reflection. Technically, all of Sedona is considered a vortex, but there are four major spots where the alleged powers are especially strong (via Visit Sedona).

Austin, Texas

The diverse range of activities and sites in Austin makes it a super fun place for people that are traveling alone. As a capital city, Austin has cultural sites like the Texas Capitol and Bullock Texas State History Museum. There are also lots of spots to escape into nature, like McKinney Falls State Park and Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center.

Depending on the season you're visiting, there are lots of festivals in Austin that come in all different shapes and sizes. There are massive music festivals, like Austin City Limits, where artists like Kacey Musgraves, Lil Nas X, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers performed in 2022. Then, there are the food festivals, such as the Austin Food and Wine Festival and the Fried Chicken Throwdown (via Eater Austin). Texas is serious when it comes to food, which is great for all of us solo travelers. Festivals are an effortless way to have fun as a solo traveler since you'll know exactly what's on the itinerary.

No matter when you visit, though, you'll never be far from a good time when you're in Austin. It won't be difficult to find people to hang out with or friendly faces in general, either. According to HGTV, Austin locals are actually some of the nicest people in the country.

Seattle, Washington

As a solo traveler, you want to visit U.S. cities that are easy to navigate and safe, but still offer tons of gratifying things to do. Seattle, Washington definitely fits that bill. A range of accommodations, some of the city's best dining establishments, and almost every single one of Seattle's popular tourist attractions are all located less than a mile and a half from the city center. The Space Needle, the Museum of Pop Culture, and the Chihuly Garden and Glass are all included in that statement. Otherwise, it's very inexpensive and straightforward to get anywhere on Seattle's far-reaching bus system (via Solo Guides).

While you're exploring Seattle, there are just so many soul-warming activities to do that are almost always better by yourself, like grabbing a mug of the state's famous coffee at Storyville Coffee Pike Place, quietly wandering around the 115-year-old Pike Place Farmers Market, or taking in the diverse landscapes of Discovery Park (via Expedia). A solo trip to Seattle can be exactly what the doctor ordered when you just point-blank want to hang out with yourself.

New Orleans, Louisiana

You probably know New Orleans for its outrageous Mardi Gras festivities. That energy doesn't just disappear every other week of the year, though. There's almost always a party in New Orleans, especially since there are so many colleges in the city. That's why it can potentially be one of the most fun locations for young solo travelers who want to experience the party of their lives.

Solo travelers won't have a problem joining in on all the fun even though they're a party of one. Practically all you have to do is walk down Bourbon Street to be enveloped by the jazz music and become part of the whole scene. Due to its out-of-control nature, New Orleans requires a few extra safety precautions when you're visiting alone. Always keep loved ones back home updated on your whereabouts and keep an eye on your drink at all times.

If you're not the biggest partier in the world, don't go running for the hills just yet. There are things to do in New Orleans besides drinking, too. There is a surprising amount of tranquil bookstores and outdoor activities like paddle-boarding out on the Bayou (Via New Orleans). According to The Urban List, the food scene is to die for with traditional Creole dishes and local treats like beignets from Cafe Du Monde. You can avoid the chaos of the party atmosphere even further by visiting during the weekdays. This is also the best time to get a deal on a hotel.

Boulder, Colorado

If you're searching for America's spectacular landscapes, but still want all the comforts that come with being in a big city, visit Boulder, Colorado for your solo trip. As Travel Boulder illustrates, the city is a sort of catch-all for solo travelers because there are activities that appeal to all types of personalities. First and foremost, the nature stuff. Surrounded by the Rocky Mountains, Boulder has unforgettable hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking, and even hot-air ballooning. You could truly spend every second of your trip to Boulder outdoors.

However, there are plenty of things going on indoors as well. Live music is abundant in Boulder, with famous venues like Boulder Theater and the Fox Theater. Along Pearl Street, there are places to dip in for shopping, eating, or just sitting around and taking in the city scenery (Via Boulder Colorado USA). We would be remiss not to mention the breweries in Boulder, too. These local establishments ooze fun and provide a taste of ale like you've never had before. There are a lot of choices for breweries in Boulder, but some of the best are Mountain Sun Pub & Brewery and VisionQuest Brewing (Via Hop Culture).