You Can Help Save Sasquatch

If there's one thing the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service has proven in the nearly 40 years since passage of the Endangered Species Act, it's that it won't protect a species willy-nilly. It needs to be closely studied and counted and, just maybe, a few need to be killed first. For scientific reasons, of course. So how do you protect something as elusive and misunderstood as the legendary Sasquatch?

Two New Englanders, Josh Megyesy and Christopher Noel, have taken matters into their own hands. They're raising money—$4,900—on crowd-sourced fundraising site Kickstarter to buy a high-tech thermal imaging camera that will help them record and study the creature. For just $100, you can join them on an overnight campout research trip. As of this writing, five backers have pledged $680. There's just one month left before the duo's June 5 fundraising deadline. Step up, and join the effort to save the endangered Sasquatch, or soon all that will be left of it is inconclusive photos and grainy video footage.