This Is Why Fall Is The Best Time To Take A Cruise

This Is Why Fall Is the Best Time to Take a Cruise

Fall is right around the corner, the weather is a little cooler and the crowds start to simmer down – it's definitely the best time to take a cruise. Even if you want to go to classic places that are popular in the summer, spare your body and mind by not going when the streets are bustling with people, the sun is too strong, and even a 3-day trip can lead to bankruptcy.

Nicer weather

Cruises are very popular in the summer but certainly not because of the weather. If people could get more days off and kids weren't in school in the fall, they'd probably book such a trip for October or November because of the cooler temperatures. Being outside on a ship in the summer is just too uncomfortable because it gets so hot. Decrease your chances of heat stroke and skin cancer and go in the fall.

Lots of ship options

September is the last time you can go on a cruise to Alaska but many new destinations become available. There is an abundance of cruise ship options in the fall. Cruise lines usually unveil new ships in the fall, just like Norwegian did last year. Many companies offer contemporary cruises in New England which are not available year-round.

Lower rates

Fall is not the most popular time to cruise and that means that ships tend to provide discounts to guests in order to fill all rooms. Also, cruise lines want to sell off remaining inventory for the current year and encourage people to book early for next season. The earlier you book the more money you are likely to save and the more cabin options you're likely to find.

Practically no crowds

The warmer months are usually the most popular; therefore, booking your cruise in the fall will allow you to freely roam the ship because there are fewer crowds. Waiting online at the buffet for 30 minutes or waiting around for a deck chair because they are all taken is not fun. In the fall, you have a better chance of enjoying yourself on the ship and getting the most out of your experience.

Different crowds

This is good news for those of you who don't like being surrounded by kids while you're on vacation. Family cruises are popular in the summer when school is out. Fall cruises are perfect for couples and parents who want to remember what it's like to really be on vacation, as well as for people who like to travel alone. Generally, the longer the cruise the higher the average age of the passengers, according to Cruise Line.

Exotic destinations

Cruise lines move their ships from one part of the world to another usually in the fall when cruising season to a certain destination is over. This opens up an opportunity for adventurous travelers to book unique and exotic itineraries and ports that have not been included on the lines' regular trips. Repositioning cruises also offer good prices.

No big plans required

One of the best parts about booking your cruise in the fall is that you can do it at the last minute. Ships are not as popular during the fall months so you can usually find open space and unfilled rooms onboard.

Cheap upgrades

Cruise lines get very aggressive and drop prices or offer extra value-adds to close off the end of the year, according to Cruise Critic. Frequent cruisers and those who are involved in loyalty programs are usually the first to receive upgrades. However, considering the majority of those people cruise during the summer months, fewer people will be onboard and your chances for receiving a cheaper upgrade will increase.

Better land activities

The comfortable temperatures make it easier to explore big cities on foot, and go for long inspiring walks through architecture-rich neighborhoods. Go to a baseball game; the season ends in October. Or see if you can make a football game; the season starts in September.

Fall foliage

Cruise lines offer fall cruises along the Atlantic coast of New England and Atlantic Canada and along the St. Lawrence River that will give you wonderful views of the fall colors. Where else do you think you're going to see better fall displays? Ships usually sail between either Boston or New York and Montreal or Quebec City.