Where To Cruise In The Fall?

Summer is almost over and with it crowds go away. This brings prices down by a lot; there are significantly fewer bookings, making cruises in the fall are also an affordable vacation option. Most of the people who go on a cruise in the fall are couples who have no kids (they are back in school). It doesn't take long to find great discounts. You also get lots of ship options, cheap upgrades, nicer weather, and, of course, stunning fall foliage.

Mississippi River

Start the autumn season with a cruise down the Mississippi river aboard the Spirit of Peoria Cruise in Grafton. Take in scenic fall beauty with a 90-minute paddle boat ride, with scheduled departures throughout the day. Morning, afternoon and full-service lunch rides are available and reserve your spot for a special evening cruise as cast of The Alton Little Theater hosts an interactive murder mystery dinner.


Cruising Alaska, one of the most "outdoorsy" state in the U.S., is more popular than ever before. See as much of the brilliant yellow, orange and red fall foliage through Alaska as you can before the ships stop for the winter. You have many route options. One is from the Yukon and into the Canadian Rockies. In addition to the gorgeous mountain scenery, you'll see a lot of wildlife along the way. This is a 17 days land / 7 days cruise that begins in Anchorage and ends in Seattle.

Danube River

Europe's second-longest river is among the most famous in the world for cruising. Depending on how long your trip is, you can get a chance to spend time in Austria, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Hungary, Ukraine, Croatia, Germany, Serbia and Moldova – each with its unique history, architecture and cuisine. AmaWaterways and Viking River Cruises offer variety of packages to suit your time and budget.  


There is no bad time of the year to island hop your way through the Aloha State on a cruise. Fall's biggest advantage is the lack of crowds. Holiday travel doesn't really start until mid-December. Most Hawaiian cruises depart and return to Honolulu. You'll see stunning beaches, but also lush landscape littered with wondrous waterfalls, bamboo forests, some of the coolest surf places in the world, and maybe even one of the world's most active volcanoes.

Pacific Northwest

Mountains, forests, inspiring views and wildlife are all there for you to relish. The Pacific Northwest – which is a geographic region that consists of Washington, Oregon, Montana, California, Idaho and Wyoming – offers all of them. The intense colorful displays the fall season comes with make it an unforgettable trip.


If you happen to crave some sunshine in the fall, get on a ship to Bermuda. The busiest season for cruises to Bermuda ends in October. If you are into pink sand beaches, nice golf courses, adventures, history, and duty-free Scotch whiskey, Bermuda is your destination. You will dock at Hamilton or the Royal Naval Dockyard in the south. Spend the time on land to discover Bermuda's unspoiled paradise on foot. You'll be in awe of the secret turquoise bays, sea grottoes and pastel villages, colorful flowers, birds and fish, and even humpback whales.


Caribbean cruises are always popular, but fall is the perfect time. Forget about scorching heat and suffocating humidity, the hurricane season has passed, and the big crowds during the winter are still home. Ships leaves every day from Florida and Puerto Rico. Grand Cayman Island, Jamaica, St. Thomas, San Juan, Nassau, Bahamas are all popular ports. Avoid the crowds and find adventure in off the grid Caribbean destinations.

Quebec, Canada

Journey through Quebec City and Saguenay in Quebec to see the stunning shades of autumn there. Go on 7- to 12-day Canada and New England cruises that sail roundtrip from New York to Quebec City. The ships stop at the East Coast's most scenic ports as well. Also, get a feel of the Caribbean in Canada while you still can on Magdalen Islands. Explore the sandy beaches and sandstone cliffs.

Montreal, Canada

Multicultural Montreal is the soul of French Canada. The dynamic city is the place to be to explore the Old World charm of the region. There are many ships sailing from Boston or New York to Montreal. Depending on the route you select, you may dock at Nova Scotia, Quebec, and New Brunswick, all of which are equally charming.

New England

This is by far the most famous fall destination in the U.S. and perhaps the world. So of course you have to go there, and the best way to see the magical colors at many place during one trip is a cruise. From Bar Harbor to Boston the mix of scenic ports surrounded by vibrant rich colors and bustling cities will take your breath away. The prime time for fall cruises is September until the middle of October.

Western Europe

Now is the time to see the famous canals and rivers all over Western Europe. Fall is the time to find fairly inexpensive flight tickets to major airports in Europe. From there you can get on a small boat or a large ship to explore rivers like Rhine or Seine. Autumn is the time to cruise France if you want to see the grape harvest. Norways is a stunning place to see year-round. 

San Juan Islands, Washington

Travel to where the Cascade and Olympic Mountains meet the sea. Venture into the San Juan archipelago. You may find yourself and ship alongside orcas or seabirds in the solitude of the 400-plus San Juan Islands, many of which are uninhabited. You can go on birdwatching and multi-day whale and wildlife tours.

The Mediterranean

Because it's a little chillier, there are fewer tourists, and trips generally come with a cheaper price tag. Float to or from Spain, France, Italy, Greece, and Croatia to experience stunning architecture, vibrant landscapes, and unforgettable food. Airfare is also a lot less expensive after September. The water may be too cold to swim in, but that's OK – spend the time marveling at art and food, instead of waiting in line.


Instead of sailing from one country to another, take a cruise taking you to all stunning sights Mexico has to offer. There are many 7-day trips you can take. They usually leave from California. You'll travel to Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan. Dolphin encounters, whale watching, and beach hopping are just some of the adventures awaiting.

From South Carolina to Florida

Why go abroad or even New England when you can see stunning colors – and experience the famous Southern hospitality – in just one trip? Go on a week-long cruise from Charleston, South Carolina to Jacksonville, Florida. You'll see bays, rivers, and canals, big wildlife refuges and remote islands. Along the way you'll also see some of the most beautiful historic cities in the U.S.