Best Spots For Winter Surfing In The World

Best spots for winter surfing in the World

Most people associate surfing with warm water, sandy beaches and lots of sunshine. The sport can easily transition into the winter. In fact, many fans prefer the cold season because that's when they get the best waves and favorable winds. Trade in your heavy coat for neoprene garment and enjoy a few days at the beach doing what you love the most. Colder weather means fewer or virtually no crowds, which is another perk of winter surfing. It's just you and the open ocean.

Black Beach, San Diego

San Diego is one of the coolest surfing towns in the world. It has awesome wave pools in addition to a plethora of good surf spots and some of the best surf schools in the country. One of the best spots is definitely Blacks Beach, which is arguably San Diego's best wave. The 2-mile long beach is at the base of 300-foot cliffs. Winter is the perfect time to go because this is the low season – you'll see the lack of crowds and low prices.

Fuerteventura, Canary Islands

Some call Fuerteventura, most specifically the north shore, Europe's answer to Hawaii. A lot of people now book trips there in the winter for world-class surfing instead of Morocco. Popular beaches are Playa Morro for calm waves and Playa Cotillo where the breaks descend onto the shores with a loud crash. Acid Drop is also known for its famous big waves. For virtually empty surfing spots, go to Suicides, Playa de Esquinzo, La Pared, and Cofete Beach.

Manhattan Beach, Los Angeles

The beach is famous but luckily, not too crowded, except on special occasions. The water and sand are clean and the views of waves and surfers are worth it. Beware of the rips, which can be dangerous. Manhattan Beach has been described as being best for large surfs and waves with fast closeouts. Year-round surf lessons are available daily.

Star Surf Camp, Iceland

This is going to be an adventure of a lifetime – surf unridden and unnamed waves. Imagine surfing in the magical and icy world of Iceland – an unforgettable experience you will be talking about for decades. You are also probably going to see the stunning Northern Lights. Star Surf organizes tours surf tours, ranging from one-day trips across the Reykjanes peninsula, to five-day adventures all across the Icelandic wildness.

Higgins Beach, Maine

When Maine and winter are used in the same sentence people usually imagine snow and skiing adventures. But Higgins Beach is actually a popular location for winter surfing. Local surfers, which make up a very close community, go for the 10-15-foot swells and beautiful surrounding views. The water is cold, as you may expect.

Taghazout, Morocco

This tiny fishing village in southern Morocco has flourished into one of the best surfing destinations in the world. With the best conditions hitting the coast from September to April, the town is full of surfers that have traveled from near and far. The Anka Point is the place to go for long breaks. The water is warm even in the winter months and the waves are always great for riding. They turn into a hollow spiraling machine on the low tide.

Hanalei Beach, Hawaii

This beach is so spectacular that you'd definitely visit it in a sweater. It's very quiet and never crowded. The nearly 3-mile-long beach is surrounded by majestically-looking mountains. The best time for surfing is from September to May for powerful waves breaking on sandbars. Strong can be current, so be careful. There are plenty of great waves along the crescent-shape bay for beginners.

Tofino, British Columbia, Canada

Better known as a haven for winter sports, British Columbia does accommodate surfers—just don't forget your wetsuit. Set on the West Coast of Vancouver Island, the waves are more manageable in the summer, which is when beginners should go. Those looking for a challenge will have to brave the icy winter waters – 20 miles of surfable beach breaks are waiting for you. 

Oceanside Harbor, California

Oceanside is one of the most popular surfing destinations on the West Coast, with a 4-mile span of gorgeous beaches. Ten-foot waves are not uncommon at Oceanside Harbor in the winter. Advanced surfers take over in the winter for the best swells.

Rincon Bay, Puerto Rico

This incredible surf spot, which is also a great budget-friendly spring break destination, is often referred to as the surfing capital of the Caribbean. There are six beaches you can enjoy, all of which offer spectacular, and wild, breaks in the wintertime. Enjoy surf spots that are tucked in and not exposed. It takes a bigger swell with a more westerly angle for Rincon to break; but when it does, it produces some of the biggest, best waves in the region.

Surf Hawaii Surf School, Oahu, Hawaii

The North Shore of Oahu is famous for having some of the best waves in the world. There is always a spot breaking perfect breaks, ideal for beginner surfers as well. The big, glassy winter waves of this legendary surf mecca attract the best surfers in the world, according to Go Hawaii. The beaches stretch for more than seven miles. Many renowned surfing competitions during the peak, winter months, including the Super Bowl of wave riding, take place here.

Peniche, Portugal

The weather is sunny year-round, but it will get colder in the winter and the water will be cooler. You will need a wetsuit if you want to surf at this naturally beautiful location without problems. Peniche is a peninsula, so expect different surf conditions and winds. Due to its geography, it gets swell from every directions. If the waves are too big and the weather is stormy on one side, go around to a different beach and you'll have much better conditions.