Best Gear For Winter Surfing In 2016

1. AG47 Performance 4/3mm Chest Zip Wetsuit

This suit is made of 92 percent nylon and 8 percent elastane. It's perfect for when the water is chilly – around 50 degrees. It's stretchy and comfortable, making paddling easier. It's 4/3 mm thick and retains body heat. It's also wind and water repellent. The suit features hydrolock seam seal system for thinner, lighter and more flexible layers, sealed with liquid tape to prevent leaks. Price: $325

2. Excel Drylock 5/4 mm Hooded Wetsuit

This suit will keep you very warm even if the water is 40 degrees, the air temperature is in low 30's and it's very windy. The wetsuit also dries out quickly so you can go surfing the next day. It's thick so the flexibility is not as great as a 2 mm suit but you still paddle freely. The Drylock is also Xcel's only wetsuit that includes a waterproof entry system, stitch-free Fusionweld seams, and the water-repellent Quick Dry Fiber exterior. Price: $365

3. Dawn Patrol Black Zip GB 5/3

Surfers, who can't pay a lot of money for a suit but need it to be as flexible and stretchy as the most expensive ones, will like this one. It has a 100 percent superstretch neoprene, sealed seams and a water resistant zipper. The poly fleece chest panel will absorb the moisture from your skin. It's 90% taped on the inside. There is tape at important stress points for more strength and durability. Price: $185

4. 4/3mm AG47 Performance Chest Zip Fullsuit

This suit may look thick but it's very flexible. It provides plenty of space to move around and keep the water out. It's easy to get in and out of. The neck seal is ultra-smooth neoprene liner for superior comfort along with a watertight seal. A new Dry Flight Far Infrared Heat Technology has been added so you stay warm for a long time. The suit has 100 percent stretch and the neoprene is 16 percent lighter. Price: $310

5. 5/4/3mm Syncro GBS Chest Zip Hooded Fullsuit

This wetsuit falls in the "won't break the bank" category. It fits great and it doesn't get saggy. It also keep you warm while you surf in the cold 40 degrees water. It's durable because of the GBS seams and Ecto-Knee Pads. The heat technology blocks the cold out while preserve your body warmth. The seams are triple glued and blindstitched. Price: $195

6. Patagonia Women’s R2 Front-Zip Full Suit

If you're looking for high-performance, durability and warmth, this suit is a good choice. It's perfect for cold water below 50 degrees. This suit has been known to be very, very warm because of the wool lining. It also dies very fast. This is the kind of suite that is great if you surf a lot. It will last you at least two seasons. Price: $390

7. Famous Surf Traction Pad Bondi Model

If you want a better grip on the rear foot when you're surfing, you need a traction pad. It makes it much easier to feel your foot position. Having a traction pad also makes it easier to duck dive because the arch on the back gives more leverage. The Bondi Model is very light and grippy. It has contoured arch bar, 27 mm kick tail, and ultra-waterproof adhesive. Price: $38

8. Creatures of Leisure Traction Pad Stephanie Gilmore

Because of the alternating high and low-profile traction you can maximize the grip and have a close contact with your board. You feel it better. The pad is made with 3M adhesive for easy application and maximum grip. Price: $40

9. Patagonia FCD Surfboard DM3

You don't rock as much when you enter the water because it has more volume under the chest. It has less volume in the tail. Paddling is easy and you get to the line quick. The perfect wave for this board is chest to double overhead. The glide, too, is incredible. You just fly down the line. This board is ideal for smaller waves. Price: $690

10. Softech TC Signature Softboard

Board style is very personal. If you're new to winter surfing, then you may like a softboard. This one is world's only softboard with removable fins. Its core is 100 percent waterproof. This is a safe and stable all-round board. . The added length and the tri fin combination make it easy to turn. Price: Around $300

11. Creatures of Leisure Boardbag Universal Triple Travel Bag

This bad holds 2 surfboards (or 3 if they have no fins). It also features, 10 mm closed cell padding and a heat reflective silver poly fabric. It folds easily so you can store it without taking a lot of room. It comes with a year warranty. Price: $220

12. Pro Lite Boardbag Session Sup with Gusset Day Bag

It is 35" wide and is made for wide SUPs. It has more foam in order to better protect the board. It has an exterior pocket for a paddle so you can easily get it. All zippers are non-corrosive. The bag is mainly designed for day use. It has a 3.5" gusset to keep wider and thicker boards, which are the kind you'll have if you're surfing in the winter. Price: $230

13. Flash Bomb Mitten Glove 7/5 mm

The gloves have been designed with a new gel-textured palm grip and detachable wrist straps. They feature the Heat-Tape Stitchless Technology. The gloves are made with the idea of you having your hands in the cold water for a long time. They have sealed and tapes seams to prevent leaks and are double lined for durability. Price: $50

14. Neo Goo 2mm Gloves

These gloves fit well and don't feel heavy at all. They are fully dipped in liquid neoprene so expect no leaks. The gloves are very stretchy and keep you warm even when the water is 50 degrees. They dry very fast. Price: $40

15. Patagonia R3 Insertable Hood

If your winter full body wetsuit doesn't have a hood, you should get one. The Patagonia R3 Insertable Hood is made from flexible 3mm neoprene to keep you warm no matter how windy it is. It is lined with hydrophobic low-pile micro-grid recycled polyester. The contoured 3-panel construction sticks to the head so you can move it easily. Price: $50

16. Cypher 2mm Hood with Dickie

This hood is very easy to pull on and it's triple glued and blindstitched to stop water from leaking in and to keep you warm at all times. It's perfect for when the water is very cold, around 40 degrees. Price: $40

17. 5mm Syncro Round Toe - Surf Booties

There is no toe separator and it fit perfectly. You just pull it on and you're ready for the water. The boot is thick so your foot is warm all the time even when the water temperature is 40 degrees. Price: $50

18. Rubber Soul Plus Split Toe Booties 3 mm

This boot is Flash lined and has been dipped in liquid neoprene for the ultimate in-seam sealing technology. It features 100 percent waterproof seal. They feel eel super flexible and comfortable. They keep you warm for hours in the water. Price: $70